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Love Hug

Be More Love. Feel More Loved. Open Your Heart to Receive More Love.

Watch this video to invite more love into your life in 2014 – MORE LOVE for yourself, starting with the love from yourself. Open your heart to receive more love.

Happy Month of Love! I am OVER THE MOON to be writing you today to kick off one of my favorite months of the year – February, the month of LOVE. For me February is a month that naturally brings people’s attention to love, which is a beautiful thing.

However in our mainstream culture, most of that focus is on receiving romantic love from another. And so, if you are single, you feel lonely and like you are missing out on something. If you are in relationship, often we put unrealistic expectations on our mates to shower us with love on one day, and of course get let down. For a month that is supposed to be about love, we shouldn’t be experiencing such suffering or disappointment or pressure.

Add on to that the current definition of self-love is “conceit, vanity and narcissism” and that even though our children and we have more self-esteem than ever, there is still a stigma to giving love to yourself. Okay to give to others, but to yourself, even for those that practice it every day, we can still feel guilty, like we are bragging or selfish.

I believe that we each have the power to change the collective consciousness by changing our own choices and perspectives, and today I am inviting you to join me in thinking of February as a month that we can ACTIVATE and AMPLIFY LOVE for ourselves and the world, and as a result stay connected to love all year long.

So that in those moments where fear, shame, blame, guilt, pressure, stress and criticism show up, you can find your way back to love. And so that by years end you have access to more love, you are wealthier in love – sound good?

Let’s make 2014 a year where you FEEL MORE LOVED, okay?
And as a result help more people all over the world FEEL MORE LOVED to? Love wealth for everyone!

There is a special super powered love meditation I’ll take you through at the end of the video so you can see and feel how it’s easy for you and hard for you to GIVE and RECEIVE love. This will help you open up to be and feel more loved in 2014. So watch the video and then share… how it is easy for you to receive love and how it is hard.

SHARE ON THE SELF LOVE BLOG… “My heart easily opens to receive love with/when… and My heart has a hard time receiving love when…” -I’ll witness and send your heart a prayer to open to more love!

I’ll go first… My heart easily opens to receive love from my four legged friends, my heart is completely open to animals. My heart has a hard time receiving love when I am not being compassionate with myself… because when I am not compassionate with me, I become critical of other people as a way to keep them and love away.


Now your turn….POST ON THE BLOG open up your heart to love by sharing where your heart opens easily and where is shuts down.


Self love party

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