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Choose Self Love: Stop Tolerating What Doesn’t Support You


Today I am writing you from the road as Noah and I make the trek to Northern California where we will spend the summer with good friends, writing, creating and playing. And I am feeling so full of gratitude for having a relationship and a lifestyle that really aligns to the truth of my heart and soul.

And it always hasn’t been that way.

There was the verbally abusive relationship I tolerated for 14 years, because I was afraid to lose love.

The house I hung onto for at least three years too long because of the security I thought it gave me.

And in the past few weeks, I’ve talked to SO many people who have dreams for their lives… but that are TOLERATING situations, beliefs, and relationships that keep them from what they really want. And that is not self love.

My question to you is…

What are you tolerating?

We tolerate people and situations for way past their expiration date because we falsely believe that’s how it has to be…

or because we are afraid…

or because we haven’t surrendered control to a bigger power.

And so my other question for you this week is…

Are you willing to stop tolerating circumstances that don’t serve and support your heart and soul, and start empowering yourself to be the king or queen of your life? Are you willing to take a stand for self love.

If yes, then take the three step transformation process in the video and then boldly claim what you are not tolerating any longer here…

Lean in to your self-honesty branch of self love and answer these questions…

Step 1.
What am I tolerating?

Step 2. What is tolerating this costing me?

Step 3. What is the truth?

Step 4. What is ONE small but mighty action I can take to step forward into the truth?

Then write here, so we can witness and super power your stand…

I will NO LONGER TOLERATE… (insert what you are tolerating)
I CHOOSE… (insert your mighty action)

So for example… I will NO LONGER TOLERATE having friends who don’t really support me. I choose to receive support from people who can support me instead of wishing others would or could.