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Meditation: Make Your Dreams Come True Even If It Makes You Go YIKES! – Self Trust

Take this short but mighty self trust meditation which will show you the small steps that will lead to the quantum leap you desire in your life – and then share with me the small but mighty steps you’ll take to make it come true!

If you can dream it, you can create it.

You just have to be willing to take the small but mighty steps towards those dreams in your heart and soul that scare you… that seem impossible… that stir up doubt… that you have no clue how to actually make come true.

You know the ones that make you go YES! I’d so love that … and YIKES! how? YIKES! (and wow!) what if that really happened?

Today I am living one of my YIKES! dreams – when Noah and I decided to live and work from anywhere in the world we were like WOW! that’d be so cool… and YIKES! how do we do that given Noah had a corporate job, we owned a house with a big mortgage that was also underwater, and we had never done it before. So we did what we always do with big dreams, we started with small but mighty steps — that led to three quantum leaps of Noah leaving his job, us selling our house, us traveling the world and trying to work and live.

YourSoulKnowsTrustThe truth is following your heart to make your dream real requires you to face your fear, go beyond conventional wisdom and follow your own INNER wisdom… your dreams become manifest as a result of small but mighty steps. Taking the small steps builds your faith muscles so you are strong enough to look fear in the face and take the quantum leap when it’s time.

So I have three questions for you today love…

What big dream are you holding back on?

What dream are you ready to call forward, today (the one that makes you go YIKES! and WOW!)

And would you like some support to clear the way to find and take those small but mighty steps?

Good! Now let’s make this even more real by you holding yourself accountable to YOUR HEART. Tell me here on the self-love blog what YIKES! Dream you are ready to flex your faith muscle and make some small but mighty movements.


1. I have a dream to…
2. It makes me go YIKES! because…

(this is where we get to presence the fear or wow factor)

3. The truth is…
4. I say YES! to taking these small but mighty steps…


Here I will go first — it’s a big one and a very personal one for me to share. I have a dream to live in my sanctuary, a beautiful spacious home in California Wine Country that I love AND still be able to live and work all around the world. I desire both (YIKES!) It makes me go YIKES! because I’ve told myself that I could only have one or the other, but the truth is I desire BOTH. The truth is that having this home and being free to travel would allow me to serve people even more. I say YES! to taking the small but mighty step to visualizing myself having both every day during my meditation… and to whenever I get scared to stop, drop and put my hand on my heart, connect to faith, and remember the Divine has my back.”

Okay now your turn… Post your Yikes Dream, truth and steps here.

And if you want more support on busting through the fear, so you can follow your heart – join me and Gabrielle Bernstein for the 40-day Fear Cleanse at www.TheFearCleanse.com

self love ceremony

Self Love Promise Meditation & Ceremony

Watch and listen to this video or download the audio and Take a ride through your relationship with yourself to find where you most need love this year, and then take a promise to give it to yourself.

In honor of the international day of self love, on February 13th, I made this meditation and ceremony for you. Every February I invite people around the world to choose ONE branch of self love that they most need to grow (while all branches need our love and attention, there is usually one that is needing it the most)… and then make and take the promise using the words that you will need to be able to tell yourself in order to CHOOSE love for yourself over fear, guilt, shame, blame, criticism, stress, pressure in the moment, when it’s hard.

Self Love TreeSelf Care * Self Awareness & Self Honesty * Self Acceptance & Appreciation * Self Trust * Self Esteem * Self Compassion and Empowerment * Self Expression * Self Honor & Respect * Self Pleasure

For example, a few years ago my big branch for the year was self-pleasure, it was crying out for my attention (often times the branch your heart and soul need you to focus on growing differs from what your mind wants or things you should do.) While I LOVED my work – writing, teaching, speaking and traveling the world, I was working ALL the time, giving SO much away that my soul was literally starving for nourishment. I was starving for joy – for the simple things that I just loved because I was a girl, not because I was a writer or teacher. You know things like reading a book in one day… watching a romantic comedy… painting.

So I chose my branch, or it chose me, and I made THE PROMISE that I knew would help me stay committed to myself:

“NO matter how much work there is to do, I will always create space and find time for fun.”

Self love promises are like anchors that yank you back into alignment with love, when you are about to choose fear, lack, stress, etc. They come booming into your psyche like a best friends voice saying HEY WAIT! You promised me!!! These promises when taken during times when you are not under the duress of choosing non loving actions, cement themselves in your heart so you can stay true to yourself all year long. They act like mantras, you can say to yourself over and over again to give you the power to give yourself PERMISSION to do what your heart and soul know is right for you.

So this year, I ask you to CHOOSE YOUR BIG BRANCH of SELF LOVE- + share your self-love promise here right on the blog.

“I choose, insert branch . I promise, insert promise.”


I’ll be making art to share with the world throughout the year using the promises you post here so not only will your promise inspire YOU , it will have the power to inspire us all!  (like this promise that we all took in the Love Club earlier this year).

Self Love Mantra I only have loving respectful relationshps

Here my promise for 2014.

“I choose to grow the branch of self-expression big time in 2014! I promise to create art, no matter what.”  

And i just took my small but mighty first act – got an easel and will be painting on my birthday on Monday!

Now your turn… I showed you mine. Now you show me yours!  POST ON THE BLOG YOUR BRANCH AND PROMISE for 2014.

And if you want love and support to grow that branch, and all your branches of self-love this year, I invite you to make this a year of love, for yourself and join me at The Love Club where together we will grow a branch of self love every month, all year long. Check it out here www.JoinTheLoveClub.com

self worth quote

Self-Love Blog: You Have Done Enough! How to Feel It & Believe It

Receive All You Have BECOME and done this year with this powerful self love ritual I created for you using the Feminine Super Power of Receiving.

One of the reasons you work so hard, give so much but never feel like you have done enough or have enough or are enough is because you don’t stop to RECEIVE all that you have BECOME. We over focus in our culture so much on the doing that your self love and self worth equation is totally off. You have learned to value yourself based on what you have DONE, and you know as well as I do, that there is always more to do… leaving you feel like you haven’t done enough.

The remedy for this not enough malady we all suffer from is to re-do your self worth value equation to

How I value myself = Who I have BECOME + What I have DONE

with BECOMING coming first.

Now is the perfect time to harvest all the energy, time, money, love and care you have put into becoming who you are today.

Take this powerful self love ritual and realize and receive that you have done and become enough already this year.

1. REMEMBER. Listen to the I HAVE BECOME AND DONE ENOUGH Meditation. (first you have to remember… most of us totally forget how far we have come or much we have done!)

2. SEE. Download this PLAYSHEET I drew for you, and write out all that you have done and become (in order to receive something you have to SEE it, writing it down opens up a different part of your brain than just thinking can do). The playsheet is two sided – Go here to get it I Have Become and Done Enough

a. FIRST complete the BECOMING side. Claim at least 3 ways that you are proud of yourself for who you have become, writing one on each spiral. And then ask yourself, what has becoming this allowed me to receive, and write that down in the list on the bottom right. This allows you to see how becoming creates value.

b. Then do the side with the Tree, and like pieces of fruit, write down all the things you have done this year. How you have served, given, what you have created, what you have caused, experienced. And don’t stop til you have a full tree. If you get stuck, put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and ask your Inner Wisdom to help you remember. Your Inner Mean GIrl or Guy may keep you stuck, but I promise you have DONE ENOUGH!

c. Then on side two, write down the 3 things your HEART and SOUL want to spend energy and time on this year – not your head or the shoulds. And only 3!

3. FEEL & RECEIVE. Get in front of a mirror or call a friend and tell yourself or them what you are proud of yourself for BECOMING and then proud of yourself for how that has helped you DO what you did this year. Don’t skip this step – you have to feel to receive.


Mine are — I became a Beacon of Love… I became a beautiful reflection of the divine feminine qualities of grace and beauty… I have become masterful at many of the spiritual tools I have been studying for a decade – especially self love!

And for more love, remember you can join us at The Love Club – this Wednesday for Love Club Members I am hosting a live call with ME – I’ll be there to answer any question you have, give guidance, and share lots of wisdom and self love.  www.JoinTheLoveClub.com

Self Lov Quote You have done enough

You Are Doing & Achieving Alot! Do This Self Love Practice So You Believe it!

This morning I awoke with the sun beaming into my bed, the water of Bainbridge Island glistening out my window, and a sense of accomplishment – and it felt so good! After two weeks in Canada and an mini-retreat yesterday, and this four month Team Love Tour, which ends next Sunday in Seattle, I am activating one of my self-love habits that has done wonders for my old achievement junkie habits, and self-care killers.

And I am inviting you with this Love Letter to join me. This love letter is all about you really feeling your self-worth.

The benefit — you’ll feel better, gain power to give yourself a break, and most of all, really SEE yourself for the brilliant being you are.

Sound good? It is.. Powerful self love!

Read on…

Here’s a self love truth.

You have already accomplished ALOT, really. I know that just in the past week or month, that you have achieved a whole handful of things that you haven’t stopped to really RECEIVE.

And when you don’t stop to receive, acknoweldge and FEEL what has occurred, what you have created, caused or experienced, it’s like it never happened.

So you never feel like enough, like you are doing enough, or like your dreams are happening.

I’ll never forget when I learned this lesson (thanks to my friend visionary artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud who inspires me to love myself all the time) – it changed my life, my relationship to success, and it gave me the power to slow down and feel GOOD about it.

Watch this weeks love letter where I share a simple but mighty process that will get you really FEELING all that you have done and accomplished, so you can give yourself a break + really FEEL how much you matter, and enough you are.


  • NAME WHAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED... right here in public so I can, we can witness it, and it will be MORE TRUE.


  • CLAIM IT SO YOU CAN FEEL IT… See and state the IMPACT of what you have done and how it has affected YOU and the PEOPLE its touched …
  • OPEN YOUR HEART TO RECEIVE IT... Really give yourself time and space – a day at least to really let this come into your heart!