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Self Love Promise: Never Settle for Less than Your Heart and Soul Desire

One of the five foundational self love promises is to NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS THAN YOUR HEART AND SOUL DESIRE… are you keeping this promise to yourself?

Watch this video and press pause on the outside world to tune into your inner world and do a check in with your heart.

Most of us never slow down enough to truly tune into our hearts so we have no idea what it truly desires. And sometimes when we do know what it desires we are too scared to actually admit that we desire it. We feel selfish, like it’s too much. Or we feel like it’s impossible or impractical so we just stuff the desire down and get on with our rational lives, settling for less than our heart desire, and in the process letting ourselves down, which is so not self-loving.

The self-love truth is that if you can FEEL it in your heart, then desiring it can only be a good thing that creates more goodness and more love for the world. Even if it’s big. Even if it seems alot. Even if other people have judgments about it.

The test is to make sure the desire truly comes from your heart and soul, and not your ego, which NEEDS and WANTS things to make you feel safe, enough and like you belong.

How do you do name and claim your heart desire?

Well to start…

1. Watch the video and listen to your heart
– and let my words touch your heart, and then listen to what it tells you – you may be surprised!

2. Two, when you state your desire out loud and write it down so you can see it use the words “I DESIRE” instead of I WANT –
want denotes lack, like you are not whole without this thing. And when acting in alignment with your heart, you’ve got to do it from a place of you are whole already. For example, saying “I want to be famous” (ego) is different than “I desire to shine as bright as I can, to be the star I am, so that my love and expression can light up this world. I desire to be a shining star whose light people from around the world see and are inspired by.” Or saying, “I want a soul mate so I can be loved” is saying that you are not loved already, which you are. Instead, you may very well desire a partner to share your life with, so “I desire a partner to share my full life with” denotes you already know your life is full before he/she shows up.


3. After you watch this video – claim your current heart’s desire… then EXCLAIM in here, right here on the self-love blog… I will be here to witness it and you and fill it up with the love and light of the full moon!

Me first…
“My heart and soul SO desire to create a fabulous, inspiring line of self-love clothing that millions of people around the world put on their body that reminds them every time they wear it that they are SOOOOOO loved.”

Okay your turn… post it here… and then keep your self love promise to open your heart to receive it. You don’t need to know how or when, you just have to be open to receive the love in whatever expression the divine has in store for you.

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Self-Love Blog: How to Avoid Overwork & Overwhelm When You Are So Busy

Watch this self-love video and use my 2 super power self love tools for keeping sane and healthy (emotionally, physically and spiritually) during times of high stress and workload.

This last week I have been in an intense work period. I am finishing a book proposal for my next book (all about the INNER Mean Girl) and finalizing a really awesome home study program for anyone ready to reform their inner mean girls.

It’s great stuff – and I LOVE the work, and there has been ALOT to do.

It’s been one of those times where many things need to happen at once, with tight deadlines. And because of the amount of to do in a short amount of time, it would be REALLY easy for me to slip into my old bad habit of overwork… leading to overwhelm… leading to OVER IT!

inner mean girlPerhaps like me you have an Achievement Junkie inner mean girl who drives you to exhaustion to reach crazy goals… or a Doing Addict who never lets you rest… or a Good Girl who will is afraid to say No… or a Perfectionist who has to get the A++ so she makes you spend way more effort and time than really necessary.

All of these Inner Mean Girls are BAD NEWS when it comes to your peace of mind, happiness and health during times when there is a lot of work to get done.


What I want to share with you is a truth that i think alot of us pretend isn’t real:

There are times in your life when you are going to have to put alot of energy into your work – whether that be a project, an event, a family member, whatever your work is because that work really matters to you, and because there really is a time period it must be completed in.

The goal is not to try to live into some fantasy of a life where you never have times of intense work — birthing things, creating things and caring for things is intense. AND, this is important, intense periods of work should NOT be the norm and during these high stress times you MUST MUST MUST still create SPACE for yourself or the stress will eat you up

Today on my vlog I shared two of my most powerful self love super power tools – one related to the self love branch of self-pleasure and one that helps you grow your self-care.

The self-care super powered tool is based on the Feminine Super Power of CREATING SPACE — I dare you to put it into practice by claiming ONE day, ONE half day, one ONE night per week that is your SACRED SPACE and fill up emotionally and spiritually, and as a result physically. One trick I use to make this stick for me is I gave it a name, put in on my calendar as a repeating event, and then letting everyone in my life know about it. The other is to take a self-love promise that will help you keep this date with yourself no matter what.

So claim, name and share your sacred space time here — I’ll witness you and you’ll be more likely to keep the date! And/or add the self love promise you will take to make sure not matter how much work there is to do, you get taken care of.

ME: Temple Time… begins Thursday night at 7pm … goes until Friday sunrise. its me and the divine. Computer off. Business closed. My promise “No matter how much work there is to do, I create space for FUN!

Now your turn…

For more on how to reform your Inner Mean Girls, go to www.InnerMeanGirl.com

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Self Love Blog: How To Stop Being So Crabby… Eat Some Soul Food.

Watch this video and take the self-love pulse check to see what’s making you feel crabby, cranky, controlling, overwhelmed, over it or like you want to tell everyone to buzz off.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you are not a bad or mean person… your soul is just starving and trying to get your attention.

I remember the first day that I realized my soul was starving. Even though I was living my passion, doing great work in the world, meeting a lot of my goals, and making enough money to get by…

I found myself at the tail end of a three-week “busy binge” with little room for pleasure and play, leaving me, in one word, CRABBY.

It had gotten to the point where my assistant would come in and ask me first thing, “Christine, how are you feeling today?” just to gauge how best to navigate the day (and me) and how close she was going to stick by (or not). And I couldn’t blame her. I felt that way about me too. Problem was, I couldn’t get away from myself!

So I held an honesty hearing with myself. My first question was simply “Christine, what is going on with you?” And instantly I realized that I was unhappy, really unhappy, and had been for weeks. My reply was “What? I am one of the happiest people I know. How could this be?” My Inner Wisdom shot back:

“Because your soul is starving.
You have been so busy giving, so busy working,
so consumed with being a joy for others
that you’ve forgotten to experience joy for yourself.”


In that moment it was as if I could feel a hole inside me. I was empty, starving for nourishment — my pleasure center was empty of joy. So empty, in fact, that in that moment I couldn’t even remember what actually brought me joy. And that is when I knew I needed a radical intervention… a self-love intervention.

And I am guessing I am not alone in my experience in getting crabby and cranky because I’m not getting what I need (maybe you can relate?)

Are you so busy doing, giving and trying to keep it all together or achieve your dreams that you are pursuing happiness instead of experiencing it?

I’m getting the sense that a lot of us have work-play equations that get out of balance – where you don’t spend time and energy on activities that deliver only pleasure… instead of profit or productivity. As a result, your joy quotient plummets and your crabbiness increases. And so you joy-binge in unhealthy ways for a quick fix, but your soul never feels full.

Which is why I am dedicating the entire month of October to YOU, ME, all of us making sure we receive what our SOULS need to feel nourished.

Here’s the self love actions for you to take

1. Watch the video and take the self-love pulse check – 5 questions that will tell you if your are joy starved instead of joy-full.

2. Here on the blog, write down 3 joy-generators – things that actually create joy for you (i’ll witness them!)

3. Feed yourself the soul food – your soul needs joy to thrive – what self-love promise will you make to ensure your soul gets fed?

If you’d like some support and fun keeping your promise to feed your soul everyday, join me for the 4-week Soul Food Fiesta at The Love Club where for 4 weeks I’ll help you stay connected and committed to yourself. www.JointheLoveClub.com

If you’d like the full self-pleasure pulse check, get the book Madly in love with ME and go to Chapter 12 – www.TheSelfLovebook.com

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Choose Self Love: Stop Tolerating What Doesn’t Support You


Today I am writing you from the road as Noah and I make the trek to Northern California where we will spend the summer with good friends, writing, creating and playing. And I am feeling so full of gratitude for having a relationship and a lifestyle that really aligns to the truth of my heart and soul.

And it always hasn’t been that way.

There was the verbally abusive relationship I tolerated for 14 years, because I was afraid to lose love.

The house I hung onto for at least three years too long because of the security I thought it gave me.

And in the past few weeks, I’ve talked to SO many people who have dreams for their lives… but that are TOLERATING situations, beliefs, and relationships that keep them from what they really want. And that is not self love.

My question to you is…

What are you tolerating?

We tolerate people and situations for way past their expiration date because we falsely believe that’s how it has to be…

or because we are afraid…

or because we haven’t surrendered control to a bigger power.

And so my other question for you this week is…

Are you willing to stop tolerating circumstances that don’t serve and support your heart and soul, and start empowering yourself to be the king or queen of your life? Are you willing to take a stand for self love.

If yes, then take the three step transformation process in the video and then boldly claim what you are not tolerating any longer here…

Lean in to your self-honesty branch of self love and answer these questions…

Step 1.
What am I tolerating?

Step 2. What is tolerating this costing me?

Step 3. What is the truth?

Step 4. What is ONE small but mighty action I can take to step forward into the truth?

Then write here, so we can witness and super power your stand…

I will NO LONGER TOLERATE… (insert what you are tolerating)
I CHOOSE… (insert your mighty action)

So for example… I will NO LONGER TOLERATE having friends who don’t really support me. I choose to receive support from people who can support me instead of wishing others would or could.