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Support Yourself Not Sacrifice Yourself – Give Your Inner Super Woman Some Self Compassion

This self love blog post is a permission slip for you to do the best you can, and trust it’s enough… it’s an 11 minute mSelf Compassion Mantra by Christine Aryloeditation I made with Karen Drucker that’s featured on my Self Love Meditation Album that has the super power to shift your internal experience from self-criticism and judgment to self-compassion … and take the pressure off.

Go here to listen to the Self Compassion meditation, take the pressure off, throw the stress to the side and find your way to a solution that supports you not sacrifices you. (or use the player below to tune in).


And then post up here on the self love blog the self love stand you are taking to release the pressure and the self compassionate act you are taking …. I’ll add some special self love super power to your post to support you.

I’ll show you how I did this for myself.

1. First, be honest about where in your life you feel the pressure to do more, have it all done, do it all yourself, or squeeze more in?

Christine Arylo Invicible Super Woman

The Invincible Super Woman Inner Mean Girl makes an appearance!

For me, I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure leading up to the book release of my new book Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 steps to Stop Bullying Yourself and Start Loving Yourself. For the six weeks leading up to the book release and book launch party, I navigated it all pretty well (thanks to daily yoga and a great support team). But after the book launch party, I had a serious attack by my “Invincible Super Woman” Inner Mean Girl who almost sent me into a complete meltdown this weekend. (That’s me acting her out at our workshop… little did I know she’d be coming for a personal visit!!!)

The Invincible Super Woman Inner Mean Girl is the one who makes you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and you have to do it all yourself. She’s the one who makes you feel like you have to do it all, right now, perfectly. And when you follow her guidance, you end up exhausted, resentful and feeling unsupported.

Sound familiar?

So how was she bullying me, and how might she be bullying you? On Friday, the day before the new moon, after five weeks of intense work to release the new book, after throwing a major event for the book launch party, after traveling, coming home to mentor four women, lead an intense full day divine feminine workshop, spend two days taping the audio version of the new book and prepare for two-days of intensive yoga teacher training on Saturday and Sunday, I was feeling IMMENSE PRESSURE to get this divine spark and self love blog to you – because my promise is to send you a divine spark on the new moon and full moon (the new moon was Saturday).

This IMG was bullying me by telling me I had to do the letter by Saturday, and I had to make you a video, and she was all over me for not being able to get it all done (she did not care that what I needed was a nap, a bath and some space for me, or that I was about to do 24 hours of yoga in 2 days).

2. Second, you have to make the choice to release the stress. And be honest, would you like a remedy for all that stress? If yes, make the choice by stating….

I choose to release the pressure to …  I choose to trust that..

For me it was releasing the pressure to get this blog and divine spark done by the new moon by trusting that if the space wasn’t there, there would be a better space to do so.

I choose the self-compassionate act to….

3. Third, choose the self-compassionate choice.

Choose to make your choices from self compassion instead of self imposed deadlines #BeKind2U (Shareable)

For me, after my Inner Wisdom got  me to my yoga mat where I did an 11-minute meditation (I often take my IMGs to my mat where they are rendered powerless!) I could  hear the loving self compassionate truth, “Just do the best you can, and trust it’s enough.” And that meant, releasing the need to get this to you by the weekend. And instead to wait until Monday, after my yoga training, sleeping in, a fabulous breakfast with Noah my guy, coming to my favorite Venice Beach coffee shop, sipping a latte and writing this to you. So much more compassionate and me so much happier!

Now your turn…post your self compassion stand

  1. I choose to release the pressure to…
  2. I choose to trust that…
  3. I choose the self compassionate act to…

Here’s mine… I choose to release the pressure to get this blog posted and to you by the new moon Saturday.
I trust that there will be a better time and space for you to receive this and for me to create this.
I choose the self compassionate act to release any and all feelings of obligation and instead to on Monday when I do have space, write you this from my happy heart!

Post your self compassion stand here…. I will reply with a witness and super power self love prayer! Sending you support to give yourself the SPACE you need to be supported, be sustained and feel successful without all the pressure.

And..If you haven’t gotten your copy of the Reform Your Inner Mean Girl book to start transforming your Inner Mean Girls – go here. www.InnerMeanGirlBook.com (you will also get a special Inner Wisdom Kit with a download of the self compassion meditation you can put on your itunes or electronic devices to listen to any time!)

Inner Mean Girl Book

To get a copy of the full self love meditation CD with 11 tracks for each of the branches of self-love, including self-care, self-trust, self-esteem and more – go here.

love yourself well

Resting Is Doing Something, You are Resting!

It’s Christine here writing you from the hills of Pennsylvania from a beautiful spa that I got invited to speak at for the weekend – which of course is super restful and replenishing, and I love it! I love being in a place where it’s the norm to REST. No guilt. No thinking “I should be working” vs having my shoulders rubbed.

Makes it so much easier to calm my inner doing addict! And give myself PERMISSION to rest.

As a recovering achievement junkie, I had to re-learn how to rest. Maybe this is true for you too? I am pretty sure I was born knowing how to rest and I did it well. But my mother and the women around me prided themselves on always being busy. They never sat still. And my father only did it when zoning out to the TV, which I talked about last week – false pressure release that creates more stress later. So I learned to never sit still or only rest in ways that were’nt actually replenishing.

Over the past few years in my achievement junkie recovery, I have asked the question over and over…

Why when we all say that we want more time to rest and replenish, we don’t actually give it to ourselves, except for spa days, sick days, and if it also comes with a guilt sandwich?

I’ve thought ALOT about this.

And I have an answer.

You may not like it.

But I MUST share it.

While you may say you really want rest, you don’t value resting as much as you value doing.

Hmmm… think about that.

Better yet, Watch this Weeks Love Letter where I share with you 3 super power tools for giving yourself the rest you want without the guilt sandwich or the delayed stress hangover!

In honor of Spring Equinox, a time that is all about getting in tune with the natural rhythms of earth that create balance (uh even nature rests!) I’ve been practicing — you will love these!

Then share below which one you are saying YES! to this week – that you will PRACTICE – remember self love is a practice – increasing your branches of self-compassion and self-care!

A woman who masters self compassion and self care is a happier and more successful woman for sure!

And if you want to join us for Self Compassion at the Love Club – go to www.JoinTheLoveClub.com and get all the details and join us!


Self Love Quote

Stop Putting So Much Pressure On Yourself… pour on the self compassion

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves?

Have you ever stopped to look at just how much undue pressure you are put on yourself, everyday. To get things done by some self created deadline, to get a super human amount of things done in a day or month or year, to achieve things faster than a silver bullet?

Uh, and given all the stressors and pressures that are out of your control, isn’t it kind of crazy that you would ADD unnecessary pressure to your own life?

I decided this week that I was crazy if I kept adding undue pressure to my life – so I gave it up – yep, traded in the pressure cooker for the self compassion soaker – where I can can create space and grace instead of stress and duress. And I invite you to join me in using this week’s Love Letter.

How? Watch this week’s Love Letter video where I had a good talk with my Inner Wisdom (that inner b.f.f.) and found 3 ways that we humans (me and you included) create unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

Watch this week’s love letter video and choose which one is most affecting you, and dare to make a shift to self-compassion (one of the 10 branches of self-love) this week!

Let me know which one you are choosing to release here on the blog – and how you are going to apply self-compassion instead!

And if you want more guidance on Self Compassion, consider joining us at The Love Club www.JoinTheLoveClub.com