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You are enough

Self Acceptance: Why You Never Feel Like You Do Enough… Achievers Amnesia.

Watch this video & acknowledge yourself for how much you have already done so you can start your year from a place of feeling ENOUGH!

I am seeing an epidemic going on that I think you might be afflicted by. And as you set out to create your dreams and go for your soul goals, I thought you might want to see if this is true for you (so we make sure you don’t create undue stress and pressure for yourself)…

You have a goal or a dream.
A project. Something you want to create or cause.
Or even just the things you want to get done it a day.

You put energy, time, money, love towards them.
And you reach goal. You finish the project. Reach the milestone.
You have what should feel success.
But somehow the feeling of success and accomplishment doesn’t last very long.

Maybe for a day or a few hours, you feel like wow, that happened. And then almost as if you get concked on the head you come down with amnesia … you forget how awesome you are, how much you’ve already accomplished, how what you wanted is actually occurring… you don’t celebrate or let yourself really RECEIVE what’s happened, all you can see is how much more you need to do. This is why of course, what you do rarely feels like it’s enough.

I call this Achievers Amnesia and so many people I know suffer from this. Even people in the public eye that you know and would think, ‘She is so successful’… in afflicted by this achievers amnesia.

Here’s truth love, this pattern of achievers amnesia creates stress, exhaustion and unhappiness for you… and you give so much to what you care about – be that your work, your loved ones, your body, your community, the world, that I am taking a stand as your self-love sister to make sure YOU APPRECIATE and ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF all the way through this year. Self Acceptance is grown by Appreciating, Acknowledging and Adoring yourself.

Watch this week’s love letter, take the daring act of love, and then make sure to put Feb 13th, Self-Love Day your calendar (i have a special invitation for you!)

Watch the video and then take the daring act of love to APPRECIATE and ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF by posting your ILOVEME list of 5 things you Choose to recognize yourself for.

I’ll start

I acknowledge myself for becoming a more kind person… for healing so many of my love cracks… for trusting the divine to guide my life and taking big acts of faith… for doing yoga every day for the past 90 days… for receiving a great book contract to write my next book which I am so excited to write. Ahhhh. that feels good!

Now your turn… post your five acknowledgements here and I’ll reflect them to you so you can feel them even more…

And then make sure to RSVP for the livestream Self Love Party on Feb 13th, my gift to you www.SelfLoveParty.com

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DARING ACT OF LOVE: Get Grateful for Yourself


Gratitude and appreciation is something that we know is good to give to others – but somehow we forget to give it to ourselves. The closest we get is usually giving thanks for our blessings and the people in our lives, and that is an essential part of creating and living a happy, love filled life.

And we need more than that – we need self-gratitude, in other words, self-appreciation. Because when we give ourselves appreciation, we grow our Self Acceptance. Self appreciation is one of what i call the Fantastical Four of Self Acceptance –   Appreciation, Acknowledgement, Adoration and Affection. When we love ourselves in these four ways, automatically we accept ourselves more. And the more we love ourselves in this way, the more love we store up, and the more and more we live from a place of self acceptance even on the days we don’t feel so great about ourselves… because of our overflow of appreciation, we can get ourselves back to love more quickly.

Take a Daring Act of Love Today and GET GRATEFUL on YOURSELF – using these 3 simple but mighty steps

1.  CONNECT TO YOUR HEART. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and take a few deep breaths feeling your heart rise and fall – this is the fastest way to get connected to yourself.

2.  EXPRESS APPRECIATION. Using these love starter statements say to yourself or outloud, “YOUR NAME, I am so grateful for…”

  • all the ways in which you have showed up for me this year  (and think about and feel and see the ways in which you have been there for yourself)
  • all the ways in which you choose to take care of me and make sure i had what I needed (and think about all the ways in which you chose to care for yourself like a mother would a child – emotionally, spiritually, physically)
  • all the ways in which you honored the dreams and desires of my heart and soul (and think about all the ways in which you went for what you really wanted)

3. FEEL THE APPRECIATION. Stop take a few breaths and let that gratitude sink in to your cells, and really FEEL THE APPRECIATION you have for yourself. And then end this self appreciation session by saying



Daring Acts of Love come from the book Madly in Love with ME, the Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend, which has been called “an illuminated self-love guidebook that shows you exactly how to love yourself well and live your happiest life – no matter what.”  Go here to learn more about this self-love book