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You are enough

Self Acceptance: Why You Never Feel Like You Do Enough… Achievers Amnesia.

Watch this video & acknowledge yourself for how much you have already done so you can start your year from a place of feeling ENOUGH!

I am seeing an epidemic going on that I think you might be afflicted by. And as you set out to create your dreams and go for your soul goals, I thought you might want to see if this is true for you (so we make sure you don’t create undue stress and pressure for yourself)…

You have a goal or a dream.
A project. Something you want to create or cause.
Or even just the things you want to get done it a day.

You put energy, time, money, love towards them.
And you reach goal. You finish the project. Reach the milestone.
You have what should feel success.
But somehow the feeling of success and accomplishment doesn’t last very long.

Maybe for a day or a few hours, you feel like wow, that happened. And then almost as if you get concked on the head you come down with amnesia … you forget how awesome you are, how much you’ve already accomplished, how what you wanted is actually occurring… you don’t celebrate or let yourself really RECEIVE what’s happened, all you can see is how much more you need to do. This is why of course, what you do rarely feels like it’s enough.

I call this Achievers Amnesia and so many people I know suffer from this. Even people in the public eye that you know and would think, ‘She is so successful’… in afflicted by this achievers amnesia.

Here’s truth love, this pattern of achievers amnesia creates stress, exhaustion and unhappiness for you… and you give so much to what you care about – be that your work, your loved ones, your body, your community, the world, that I am taking a stand as your self-love sister to make sure YOU APPRECIATE and ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF all the way through this year. Self Acceptance is grown by Appreciating, Acknowledging and Adoring yourself.

Watch this week’s love letter, take the daring act of love, and then make sure to put Feb 13th, Self-Love Day your calendar (i have a special invitation for you!)

Watch the video and then take the daring act of love to APPRECIATE and ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF by posting your ILOVEME list of 5 things you Choose to recognize yourself for.

I’ll start

I acknowledge myself for becoming a more kind person… for healing so many of my love cracks… for trusting the divine to guide my life and taking big acts of faith… for doing yoga every day for the past 90 days… for receiving a great book contract to write my next book which I am so excited to write. Ahhhh. that feels good!

Now your turn… post your five acknowledgements here and I’ll reflect them to you so you can feel them even more…

And then make sure to RSVP for the livestream Self Love Party on Feb 13th, my gift to you www.SelfLoveParty.com

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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – Self-love super power practice

As I was writing my new self-love book on that super duper destructive force known as the Inner Mean Girl, or Inner Mean Dude, this week, I got SUPER inspired to write you a self love letter and make you a video about one of the most toxic, non-self loving habits we have as humans…


I’ve been watching people all around me, fabulous people, comparing themselves to other people, or who they think they should be, and then feeling like crap about themselves… and then making choices that don’t honor themselves.

And it makes me so sad every time I see a person reject themselves…

Because when you compare your body, bank account, business, relationship status, whatever, to others (or some crazy expectation), the truth is, you reject yourself… and it doesn’t take a brain scientist to prove that rejecting yourself is no good.

Comparing yourself to others will slow you down, steal your joy, and rob you of the life you are trying to create for yourself … and c’mon you just don’t have time to tolerate that anymore, especially given it’s the summer of love ☺

self love quote comparison

And I get it… I used to compare myself A LOT. I think most of us do. We just don’t talk about it, or stop it. So the cycle continues.

Which is why today, I invite you to stop this crazy insane habit of comparison using the self love super power process and self acceptance perspective I provide in the video.

Because really, you are too beautiful, too special, too lovable to commit such an act on yourself. Being you is awesome, when you love yourself enough to believe it.

So take this daring act of self love

  1. Watch the video and make the choice to GIVE UP THE HABIT OF COMPARISON (just like you’d give up smoking or eating food that is bad for you.)
  2. Take the self-love antidote of turning comparison into self-love through inspiration that I share with you and use it in your life everytime you find yourself craving to compare
  3. Here on this Blog, right now, take a RADICAL ACT OF SELF ACCEPTANCE and say specifically WHAT you will stop comparing yourself about.

Here’s a few heart self-love starters



And then for good self love mojo, you can say this self acceptance Love Mantra outloud or write it here on the blog.



You can learn more about Inner Mean Girl Reform School at www.innermeangirl.com and get a free transformation starter kit too!

i surrender

Release the Struggle – Love Yourself Enough To Let Go

To choose self-love is be brave enough to make the choices that bring you more happiness, even when it’s hard. Self-love is not creating struggle for yourself.

Loving yourself isn’t creating suffering for yourself. But you do it all the time when you try to control your life… try to make your life different from what it is… when you take on burdens and create judgements… when you put pressure on yourself for your life to be somehow different that it is.

Suffering comes from being attached to what you think you want. And then you feel bad because you cant manifest it or it doesn’t show up the way you want.

Suffering comes when you try and control. When you try and wrangle the world to fit your specific ideal instead of allowing what is to come through (allowing the Divine to do the work and guide you.)

Most of us will choose struggle and suffering over surrendering – because our egos tell us that if we control or we suffer we are safe. Not true. True security only comes through having the faith to surrender to what is, so that you can open up to receive more love in all its forms — abundance, prosperity, health, and more. Your brain and ego cannot understand the complexity of the universe — so time to take control away from it, and empower yourself with the Feminine Super Power of Surrender.

Today I invite you to stop causing yourself undue suffering… to release one place where you are holding on, controlling, pressuring yourself, worrying, judging by accepting what is by using the FEMININE SUPER POWER OF SURRENDER so that you can open up the space to RECEIVE something even MORE than you can imagine.

Take Yourself Through this Surrender Ritual that I and my b.f.f. transformational visionary artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud taped for you from wine country
I did just one day after I surrendered my home, my car and my ‘security’ to these physical things to open up to receive the freedom my heart and soul has craved for so long.

After you do the ritual… here on this blog, state and claim what you will let go and surrender to open up space to receive the LOVE that your heart and soul crave in whatever form that is for you

For example, for me, this self-love surrender ritual which I did before we taped this for you,.. I said…

“I surrender needing to know where I am going to live and how this is all going to work out with my house. I am open to receiving the most beautiful places and spaces to live that fill me up with love and beauty and that support me to do my Great Work.”

Now your turn…