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How to Let Go of Control


Watch this week’s love letter to get the 3 simple but mighty C’s for releasing control, taking off the pressure, and breathing into the change.

I am writing this post on my last day in beautiful California wine country (well at least for now.) Noah and I are heading back out to be nomadic for the next few months… even though we are not totally sure where we are going to live yet. Exciting and uh also talk about stepping in the unknown and having faith. Brings up all kinds of desires to control, figure it out, find certainty at any cost.

While you may not be going nomad, I imagine there are places in your life where there is uncertainty, an element of not knowing. And be honest, doesn’t every bone in your body want to control, figure it out, make a plan, have the answers?

We humans love certainty but if I learned anything from Noah’s stroke last July … nothing is certain, we have no real control over the ‘plan’ and trying to control just makes you crabby and critical.

Being not in control is beautifulSo what do you do when you face uncertainty?
How do you release control so you don’t get crabby, critical, contracted and stressed out?

Well, you transform the pressure creating C’s (control, searching for certainty, contraction) into the grace and freedom creating C’s. You are going to love these – I use them all the time, and they have been a life saver for me releasing control. Watch the video to get the scoop on the three C’s… Connection. Crying. Compassion.

And then CHOOSE ONE C you will put into action this week. Post it here and then tell me one small but mighty action you will take. I will witness your choice to let go of control!

Me… here’s mine. I choose to let go of control. I choose COMPASSION instead. My action… I will let the universe guide me to where Noah and I will ultimately put down roots in September, by giving up thinking about it for now, and instead allowing it to come.

Okay, now your turn… I choose to let go of control (say it!) … I choose (insert your C) … and then post your action.

And if you are choosing COMPASSION, make sure to join us this month at The Love Club where we are all growing SELF COMPASSION! www.JointheLoveClub.com