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RESPECT – Do Not Do These 3 Things If You Want Loving Relationships

Watch this video where we share 3 things you DO NOT want to do if you want only loving respectful relationships. Then choose one of the “respect killers” we talk about, and dare to give up this toxic habit. Post which one you will give up and what you believe giving it up will give you.

For example: I give up calling my sister a bitc…you know what (or any other nasty name.) And I know that this will give me more happiness because I won’t be creating negative energy inside myself.

I did this over a decade ago with my sister. We used to fight like cats and we had the mouths of two girls from the south side of Chicago. We were skilled with our profanity! When I took the self-love vow to have ONLY RESPECTFUL LOVING RELATIONSHIPS, this was the hardest relationship for me to change.

But I had to start with not contributing to the disrespect by swearing at her and calling her names. I had to choose SELF RESPECT first… who did I want to be? Because the self love truth is that no matter how much a person is mean to you or tries to get under your skin, they are still a divine being of love, who deserves love. This doesn’t mean you become a doormat or a victim or stay in close relations with people who are mean and abusive and disrespectful. But it does mean that YOU have to choose first to stop contributing to the disrespect. That is part of self-respect

And that is what this weeks Love Letter is all about.

More on how to be in relationship with people who can’t and won’t respect you in next week’s love letter.

If you want other people to respect and honor you, you have to GIVE respect first, to yourself and others.

Yes, it’s true… you can’t be a raving lunatic with your mate, or talk smack about your friends, or say dis-respectful things to people you love and expect them to shower you with respect. And this shows up differently for all of us. Maybe…

1. You are the kind of person who gives respect to others, gets disrespected and then goes into doormat or victim mode or

2. You demand and expect respect from others, but sometimes don’t always play by the same rules or

3. You come from honor and respect most of the time, but sometimes you just can’t come from love with certain people…

We can all hone our skills in relationships, so that we create MORE LOVE, without sacrificing our own self respect and without settling for less than the unconditional love we deserve.

For now, watch the video and take a stand for self -respect and love and give up at least one of these toxic habits. Write it here on the blog and then ask your Inner Wisdom what you think you will receive… and write that too so you can see the benefit.

And if you want more support on creating the BEST relationships of your life, try the 40-day Choosing Me Before WE self love practice – check it out at www.ChoosingMEbeforeWE.com