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Self-Love Blog: How to Avoid Overwork & Overwhelm When You Are So Busy

Watch this self-love video and use my 2 super power self love tools for keeping sane and healthy (emotionally, physically and spiritually) during times of high stress and workload.

This last week I have been in an intense work period. I am finishing a book proposal for my next book (all about the INNER Mean Girl) and finalizing a really awesome home study program for anyone ready to reform their inner mean girls.

It’s great stuff – and I LOVE the work, and there has been ALOT to do.

It’s been one of those times where many things need to happen at once, with tight deadlines. And because of the amount of to do in a short amount of time, it would be REALLY easy for me to slip into my old bad habit of overwork… leading to overwhelm… leading to OVER IT!

inner mean girlPerhaps like me you have an Achievement Junkie inner mean girl who drives you to exhaustion to reach crazy goals… or a Doing Addict who never lets you rest… or a Good Girl who will is afraid to say No… or a Perfectionist who has to get the A++ so she makes you spend way more effort and time than really necessary.

All of these Inner Mean Girls are BAD NEWS when it comes to your peace of mind, happiness and health during times when there is a lot of work to get done.


What I want to share with you is a truth that i think alot of us pretend isn’t real:

There are times in your life when you are going to have to put alot of energy into your work – whether that be a project, an event, a family member, whatever your work is because that work really matters to you, and because there really is a time period it must be completed in.

The goal is not to try to live into some fantasy of a life where you never have times of intense work — birthing things, creating things and caring for things is intense. AND, this is important, intense periods of work should NOT be the norm and during these high stress times you MUST MUST MUST still create SPACE for yourself or the stress will eat you up

Today on my vlog I shared two of my most powerful self love super power tools – one related to the self love branch of self-pleasure and one that helps you grow your self-care.

The self-care super powered tool is based on the Feminine Super Power of CREATING SPACE — I dare you to put it into practice by claiming ONE day, ONE half day, one ONE night per week that is your SACRED SPACE and fill up emotionally and spiritually, and as a result physically. One trick I use to make this stick for me is I gave it a name, put in on my calendar as a repeating event, and then letting everyone in my life know about it. The other is to take a self-love promise that will help you keep this date with yourself no matter what.

So claim, name and share your sacred space time here — I’ll witness you and you’ll be more likely to keep the date! And/or add the self love promise you will take to make sure not matter how much work there is to do, you get taken care of.

ME: Temple Time… begins Thursday night at 7pm … goes until Friday sunrise. its me and the divine. Computer off. Business closed. My promise “No matter how much work there is to do, I create space for FUN!

Now your turn…

For more on how to reform your Inner Mean Girls, go to www.InnerMeanGirl.com

Self Love is giving yourself what you need

Stop Over-Giving and Over-Doing – start slowing down to receive

At my live self love events on the Team Love Tour, I’ve been talking alot about how most of us are great at GIVING and DOING and kind of lousy at RECEIVING and RESTING.

Why is it so hard to receive without giving something back? To rest, without feeling guilty?

See if any of these ring true for you…

  • You’ve been taught its better to give than receive.
  • You value giving and doing more than receiving and resting.
  • You don’t trust that receiving and resting will give you what you need to be taken care of.
  • You’ve made yourself manager of the universe. Your ego likes to keep you believing that if you aren’t doing it, it likely won’t get done, or get done right.
  • To get what you need, you believe that you have to give more, buy more or make more.

If any of these ring true, the truth is you work more, spend more than you have to. And probably feel more of the burden of having to do it all on your own. And the burden is real. Because if you are always the one giving and doing, you don’t leave the space for the divine to come in and do the heavy lifting for you. And that is just not self love!

This week the Divine showed up in the form of yellow boots, an oyster farm, a beautiful house on the Puget Sound off the coast of Seattle Washington with a view that allowed me to literally crowdsource my dinner, receive a car, and really get how grace moves when we create the space – and stop trying to do it all and figure it out ourselves.

Blog Photo Crowd Sourse Dinner

Here’s me with Jan – the oyster farmer who grows oysters right outside her house and lent me the yellow boots, she gave us the oysters and an entire lesson on growing them before we ever invited her and her husband to dinner. Doug – the best mussel cleaner (and a great lawyer!). Char – provided the view, the table and the home. Noah – our chef. Me  – the inspiration and the extrovert who talked to Jan, met Char through a friend, and decided we should all have paella and Oysters Rockefeller for dinner.

Blog Photo Yelow Boots a walking


This experience left me with these questions, that I ask you this week and then talk about in this week’s video –

  1. Where in your life are you over-giving and over-doing and not leaving the space for Grace to come in.
  2. And how can you RECEIVE more by using what you already have? Or what others can offer?
  3. What if it wasn’t a man eat man world… but instead, together we really could create what we needed, and all work less?

This week’s love letter is an inspirational story + short but mighty process that I’ve used to curtail the over-doing and over-giving and allow Grace to do its magic.  And in the process you choose self love for yourself.

Watch this weeks video and loosen your over giving and over doing grip to create space and allow grace to do the work for you.

And then post here on the blog ONE SMALL BUT MIGHTY ACTION you can take to STOP OVER GIVING & OVER DOING … and start RECEIVING.

Me?  I am saying NO to creating events this fall that I have to run and support on my own. I am So willing to go where the Divine grace would lead me, supported to speak with people ready for the messages and teachings of self-love, owning our worth, and the feminine super powers.

Okay, now your turn… apply the super power of self love and take action…