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How to Keep Your Power + Be Supported and Loved = Self Empowerment

Self empowerment is not being so powerful that you push out love from others. That you stand so sovereign that your independence keeps you from the support and affection that you need. You can be powerful and sovereign and let people love you, and help you, in fact as a human being, it’s necessary. Self love is standing for yourself + letting love in. Self love doesn’t exclude love from others, it includes it. Self empowered people who love themselves don’t settle for less than their heart desires AND they accept and welcome the support of others to make those dreams come true.

I taped this video for you to find the places in you that you are shielding — so that you can let down the shield and open up to the love and support you need. Life is SO much easier when you dared to be loved!

After you watch this video… tell me here what one daring act you will take THIS WEEK to let more love in…

For me it was forgiving someone at a deep deep level and choosing to accept and love them for who they are, without judgment. Shield down. Love coming in. Feels good. Now your turn, if you dare… write it here…