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Set Down The Burden Weighing You Down!… Take an act of self-love!

Watch this video to find and set down the burden weighing you down – and share on the blog below how you will set this burden or excess down

While you may not like to admit this, somewhere in your life you are creating stress, pressure and suffering because of the heavy BURDENS you say yes to – in your relationships, work, home, everywhere. They are things that at one point you wanted to do… things you feel like you should do or have to do… things you think you need to have with you… things you can’t let go of… things that add extra weight and take up extra space in your mental, emotional and physical fields.

Until one day, all that extra weight eventually just topples your cart over, and your life and experience goes WHOOSH out of balance. Just like this poor fella below.

Topple Over with Burden

So today love, I want to know what burden is creating stress, suffering and stuckness for you… are you…

Over giving?
Over caring?
Over consuming?
Holding on to stuff you don’t need?
Taking over responsiblity?
Carrying too much, more than you need or more than your share?

Be honest with yourself. It’s not easy to see or admit the places where we over give, stuff, consume, care – because we THINK we need to do it this way — we’ve convinced ourselves that we need this stuff, we have to give this much, we have to take it on — but at what cost? You and I both know that extra weight and burden of any kind is NOT sustainable in the long term for you or any of us. You have to get your scales back into balance where you have ENOUGH not EXCESS… where you are giving enough, not too much… you get the picture.

So today, I invite you to take an act of self-love — to set this burden down — to let go of the extra weight you are carrying – and readjust the scales so they are in balance to what is healthy, good and right for you.

Watch the short but mighty video – where I share how I set my burden down to avoid making stress for me and then I’ll run you through the same process so you can set yours down too – in less than 4 minutes! That’s a good ROI!

Then use these questions to take a self-love stand for yourself, set the extra weight down and readjust your internal scales, so the outside can respond – remembering that all shift happens on the inside first.

1. “I’ve been OVER… ”
2. “It’s costing me…”
3. “Enough would be…”

And as a bonus question, ask WHAT DO I NEED???

Okay me first… I’ve been OVER PACKING, lugging way more stuff with me than I really need. It’s been costing me stress in all kinds of ways. Enough would be just bringing enough with me on my trip, one small roller and one carry on and trusting that I will have what i need… that i have enough, and if I need something I can get it. What i need is a suitcase that makes this easy.

Noah wanted to chime in too…I’ve been OVER FOCUSED on Christine. It’s costing me self actualization and self care. Enough would be portioning out part of the day for Christine and our work and part of the day for me. I need a trip to Thailand by myself!

OKAY NOW YOUR TURN… pause between each question and really let yourself set this down! Big burdens or small – they all take up space. I will be here to send you love and prayers as you take this stand for self love…

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You are enough

Self Acceptance: Why You Never Feel Like You Do Enough… Achievers Amnesia.

Watch this video & acknowledge yourself for how much you have already done so you can start your year from a place of feeling ENOUGH!

I am seeing an epidemic going on that I think you might be afflicted by. And as you set out to create your dreams and go for your soul goals, I thought you might want to see if this is true for you (so we make sure you don’t create undue stress and pressure for yourself)…

You have a goal or a dream.
A project. Something you want to create or cause.
Or even just the things you want to get done it a day.

You put energy, time, money, love towards them.
And you reach goal. You finish the project. Reach the milestone.
You have what should feel success.
But somehow the feeling of success and accomplishment doesn’t last very long.

Maybe for a day or a few hours, you feel like wow, that happened. And then almost as if you get concked on the head you come down with amnesia … you forget how awesome you are, how much you’ve already accomplished, how what you wanted is actually occurring… you don’t celebrate or let yourself really RECEIVE what’s happened, all you can see is how much more you need to do. This is why of course, what you do rarely feels like it’s enough.

I call this Achievers Amnesia and so many people I know suffer from this. Even people in the public eye that you know and would think, ‘She is so successful’… in afflicted by this achievers amnesia.

Here’s truth love, this pattern of achievers amnesia creates stress, exhaustion and unhappiness for you… and you give so much to what you care about – be that your work, your loved ones, your body, your community, the world, that I am taking a stand as your self-love sister to make sure YOU APPRECIATE and ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF all the way through this year. Self Acceptance is grown by Appreciating, Acknowledging and Adoring yourself.

Watch this week’s love letter, take the daring act of love, and then make sure to put Feb 13th, Self-Love Day your calendar (i have a special invitation for you!)

Watch the video and then take the daring act of love to APPRECIATE and ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF by posting your ILOVEME list of 5 things you Choose to recognize yourself for.

I’ll start

I acknowledge myself for becoming a more kind person… for healing so many of my love cracks… for trusting the divine to guide my life and taking big acts of faith… for doing yoga every day for the past 90 days… for receiving a great book contract to write my next book which I am so excited to write. Ahhhh. that feels good!

Now your turn… post your five acknowledgements here and I’ll reflect them to you so you can feel them even more…

And then make sure to RSVP for the livestream Self Love Party on Feb 13th, my gift to you www.SelfLoveParty.com

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