Start Your New Year Devoted to Yourself … 3 questions to make goals that make you happy

Watch this video & get the 3 questions to ask your heart and soul so you create a year you LOVE – its a new year self-love meditation!

It can be hard to hear your heart and soul – it can feel daunting, and you can get stuck in your brain real fast. And you can also short circuit yourself because of fear. Which is why I invented this AWESOME LOVE FILLED GAME for finding your Heart & Soul Goals, and creating a year motivated by LOVE not pressure, fear or lack.

I’ve been playing this game all week — with Noah, at dinner with friends, even with my 11 year old goddess daughter – she loved it!

The game is based on 3 core questions that help you connect to what YOU truly desire to do, so you create a year devoted to your happiness and success instead of creating more stress for yourself, or creating goals that just make it so you have more to do!

Here are the inquiries… tune into your heart and ask:

1. What do I desire to START?
2. What do I desire to STOP?
3. Who do I desire to CONTINUE?

Then to bring these to life take a stand to devote this year to YOUR HAPPINESS and SUCCESS!


“In Devotion to MYSELF,” in 2015, I choose to START… STOP… CONTINUE…

Here’s mine….

In 2015, In devotion to myself, I choose to…

START writing thought provoking, heart opening articles that shine a light on the tremendous amount of pressure we all feel… and to shine a light on a new way of being that is more sustainable for us all.

STOP working through the beautiful sunsets right out side my door – they are too beautyful to miss!

CONTINUE creating self-love art that I love and that opens other peoples hearts

Now your turn… post it here on the blog.



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58 thoughts on “Start Your New Year Devoted to Yourself … 3 questions to make goals that make you happy

  1. Rebekah

    My answer surprised me. I choose to start loving (a man). I choose to stop stressing. And I choose to continue loving myself. I wasn’t going to post here but I kept feeling nudged, so. . .

  2. Lela

    In 2015, in devotion to myself I choose to…
    Start living my life based on my own desires and needs rather than trying to make other people happy, and catering to what I believe others expect of me. I choose to start believing in the power of my dreams again.
    Stop succumbing to the negativity of my own thoughts and the negative energy of those around me. I choose to stop being scared of the future and the possibility of failure.
    Continue to find solace in my meditation practice and listen to the divine within to help guide me on the next stage of my journey.
    Thank you Christine for this thought provoking exercise!!

    1. Christine Arylo Post author

      Lela – thank you love for sharing – and a send big love and light to you as you take this stand of self love for you. yes to being devoted to YOUR HEART AND SOUL! xoxo

  3. Evie

    Hello Christine! Such a great video as per usual – thank you 🙂
    That mini meditation before presenting the questions was incredibly powerful. I was really surprised at how basic my desires had become compared to previous lofty goals:
    I choose to start living a less anxious life
    I choose to stop letting emotional people control me
    I choose to continue cultivating intimate relationships
    Thank you! Much Love, Evie

    1. Christine Arylo Post author

      Evie – so beautiful! and i LOVE LOVE how your heart led you to your deeper simpler desires – so amazing how when we tune in, it has an instant message for us! BIG YES to more love for you! xo

  4. Lyn

    I desire to get stronger,eat healthier foods,think healthy thoughts,find & wear comfortable shoes. I desire to stop eating lots of carbs which ultimately turn to sugar in my body(bad). I desire to continue my journey of rejuvenation which I started in 2014, & my sacred connection with God & with Christine’s messages to my heart. Thanks!

  5. Vivian

    Hello Christine and a Happy, Loving New Year!

    This year, In devotion to my wonderful self I choose to
    -Start drawing and creating art, like I did when I was a little girl
    -STOP being dragged around by other people, just for their convenience
    -Continue to connecting to my wondrous womb space and acting from there as a powerful woman!

    Thank you!!! <3

  6. Debbi

    Thank you so much, Christine, for being the beautiful, wonderful woman you are and for sharing your wisdom, energy, and love!

    In devotion to myself, in 2015:
    I choose to start taking better care of my body and my money,
    I choose to stop running away from things that scare me.
    I choose to continue working on my website, doing my YouTube videos, expanding my business, being open to receive, and loving myself.

    1. Christine Arylo Post author

      Debbi love, you MOST welcome – so happy your heart received the message – and yes to you embracing yoruself, all that supports you and to expressing yourself and sharing YOU with the world – we need you!! xo

  7. Susanne

    Thanks Christine
    I choose to START focussing on my wonderful shamanic coaching project called “Heilbegleitung” by offering juicy offerings on my brand-new website.
    I choose to STOP hiding me and my gifts behind a wall of clutter and useless material and nonmaterial stuff because my inner mean girl keeps telling me “I am not good enough”
    I choose to CONTINUE feeling my deep connection to every being on earth and just enjoying this wonderful journey on planet earth.
    Blessings for all of you goddess women!
    Thank you so much for your inspiring work Christine <3

    1. Christine Arylo Post author

      Susanne love – your most welcome and LOVING your heart wisdom and yes yes to you coming out of hiding even more to shine the light inside that is you for all to see – including yourself. with xoxoxo

  8. Denise

    I choose to start a best friendship with a male.
    I choose to stop comparing myself to others.
    I choose to continue exploring my artistic nature.

  9. Trelle

    Start: my creative childrnes books project which I set inn motion in January and finish writing my e book; Stop: inappropriate and /or toxic relationships (they are mostly gone, but I have hung onto one and I relize this is due to not wanting to disappoint them…OVER THAT!); Continue: The expansion of my dog training business into ownership of a well known training store, belly dancing lessons because it shakes up my creative self, energizes me and feeds and nourishes my soul, growing my self love branches!

  10. Tricia

    In devotion to myself in 2015, I choose to start loving myself more and not always being a people pleaser, so making me #1. Stop fear by breaking through the terror barriers at every chance I can. And continue my spiritual growth, learning and loving more, and my daily gratitude. Btw, thank you Christine for your inspiration!

  11. Elizabeth

    Your Divine Spark showed up at the perfect time for me! It’s like I needed someone to give me permission to dream all of January. 🙂
    Start: Being the love I want to attract and doing more of the things I enjoy.
    Stop: Feeling guilty for taking time for me.
    Continue: Yoga, filling my spirit, and connecting to my heart and intuition.

    Thank you Christine. XOXO

  12. Summer

    In devotion to myself, I choose to
    Start practising yoga, to keep myself centred as often as possible, to learn to relax into myself, love my body and be amazed at what I can do!
    Stop looking outside of myself for love and acceptance – toxic relationships are not good for me!
    Continue to love Life, be grateful, own my choices and grow!

    Thank you Christine xx

  13. Charleen O'Toole

    Start: My paintings for a show, socializing more, pursuing a partner (
    Stop:COMPLAINING, needing to give and stop thinking I’m not enough, blocking my good
    Continue: painting, creating Christmas products to sell next year, losing weight, exercising,

    1. Christine Arylo Post author

      Charleen – big yes to that creativity growing and showing this year and my how much more joyful that will be with the absence of complaining and thoughts that dont support the beautiful gifted soul you are. xoxo

  14. Genevieve

    START… Dating! Putting myself out there to meet people I really connect with!~
    STOP… Hiding! Keeping parts of myself that I absolutely adore hidden out of fear of what others might think!~
    CONTINUE… Making time for rest, play and self-care! It makes life so much better in every way!!~ =)

    Thank you Christine!! Happy 2015!!

    1. Christine Arylo Post author

      Genevieve – your most welcome! And big yes to you opening your heart to dating and receiving more love!! to being seen and to taking care of that beautiful you! xo

  15. Kate

    This year…
    I want to start being artistic and creative.
    I want to stop/diffuse my negative self-talk by understanding that these thoughts come up to protect me, but they are not ultimately serving me.
    I want to continue to give myself permission to practice self-care through nourishing books, workshops, chai lattes, dark chocolate and the like.

    1. Christine Arylo Post author

      Kate – inviting you to change the “WANT” to “CHOOSE” … we can want something but without choosing it, we dont have the devotion to actually commit to it and make it so. SO yes to you being the creative self you are and receiving lots of nourishment! xo

  16. Carole

    Thanks Christine…
    In devotion to myself, I choose to start loving, accepting and integrating every part of me – from the heroine who can do anything to the frightened little girl who needs reassurance.
    In devotion to myself, I choose to STOP criticizing myself and doubting the amazing power of self-love.
    In devotion to myself, I choose to continue searching for the ways I can contribute creatively to the world, to make me – and others – healed and happier.

  17. Moya

    I choose to have a total loving relationship with myself this year; I choose to stop not speaking my truth and being honest with myself and others;I choose to be brave,courageous, come out of hiding and fully commit to my life. Big thanks Christine:-)

  18. Mandi

    I choose to start loving myself more. Have more faith in my path. Make time for myself to do things I painting, guitar, yoga, and meditation. Relax and enjoy myself more and remember I am good enough as I am. Loving others more without attachment & conditions.

    I choose to.. Stop drinking for a social life and having “fun.” Stop worrying about my past and my future.Stop worrying so much period. Stop eating gmo foods and meat that comes from farms that hurt that is toxic to my body even when it’s common. Stop feeling unworthy and believe I am worthy of good things. Stop listening to music/watching TV that also isn’t a good influence on myself and others. And stop beating myself up for my flaws. Stop being afraid of sharing who I am if it doesn’t mirror what others think.

    I choose to continue to detox my body of toxins with the MC..meditate, have gratitude, walk my puppy, read books that feed my soul with truth, hope, love, and courage and watch that does the same. And continue to smile even though it gets hard and the world isn’t being lead by those creating safety and truth…do what I can to create that and forget all the hype that leads people away from what really matters.. Love, truth, and justice.

    1. Christine Arylo Post author

      Mandi witnessing the beauty of the choices you are making here to love yourself and all beings in this world – i see you as a force and being of love in so many ways – yes to 2015!! xo

  19. Lashpal

    I choose to start this year to add my professional life having compatible colleagues and my own inner fulfillment doing this and own money,I choose to stop depending on my husband for security of money and love and other things just duty on side, I choose to continue my soul fulfilling work with my coach of my own gifts,

  20. Jodi

    I choose to start…. a new awesome & blessed chapter in my daughter’s & my life. Move to a warmer place with a fabulous job & my daughter to start a new school she loves & does great at with new friends & loving our new lives. Staying connected to the supportive awesome loving people already in our lives.
    I choose to stop….trying so hard for other peoples approval and staying in relationships that don’t fill me up too.
    I choose to continue….meditating, going to church, connecting to God & bonding with my beautiful daughter. Things that do fill me up.

  21. Kari

    I choose to start making art. I choose to stop beating up on myself. I choose to continue living at a slower pace, with less scheduling. 🙂

  22. DianaLynn C.

    thank you beautiful Christine for the self love blog i am so excited to be choosing my self love devotions for 2015 today and throughout this month!
    I choose to start, writing my book the daring adventures of Double 00 Diana, to start the birthing of my divine feminine sensuality, to embrace the opening of sharing the glorious energy of self love with all men and women…
    I choose to stop; cluttering up my environment and to relesase my tendency to procrastinate and feel less then in my efforts to dream big.
    I choose to continue; loving this man and his family, to grow my therapy business, to keep exercising- swimming, playing, swinging, walking, hiking etc…to continue building and embracing my spiritual community of men and women, and to travel and learn from others.

    I choose me before we and I choose LOVE LOVE LOVE….
    I choose to keep promoting the Heart Breath

  23. Tracy

    I desire to start living in a state of clarity.
    I desire to start rebuilding, watering my friendships so that they can bloom and regrow.

    I desire to stop living in fear and making excuses of why I can’t make a career change.

    I desire to continue improving myself through personal development workshops, self-love seminars, classes to develop new skills etc.

    I desire to continue improving myself but narrowing it down to one topic a month instead of being all over the place and focusing on learning to many new things at one time.

  24. Lois

    Christine, thank you for this relaxed way to ease into the new year.

    I choose to experience traveling this year.

    I choose to stop letting my ego dictate so much of my life.

    I choose to continue exploring my creativity through a variety of mediums of art.

  25. Suzanne Forster

    I love your videos and am excited to be a part of the Vision call next week. You continually bring me back to centre and give me inspiration – thank you.
    I am choosing to start focusing on my health and wellness business to bring knowledge and inspiration to those that want it.
    I am choosing to stop negative self talk – I need to let go/ignore of the “room mate” in my head.
    I am choosing to continue my spiritual journey with more intention and passion.
    2015 will be an amazing year full of adventure, excitement and more self love. <3
    Toronto, Canada

  26. Sherrill

    START feeling safe in my own life, that I will be provided for in my work, relationships and home.

    STOP being triggered by people who do not deserve energy from me, and create negativity and lower my self love.

    CONTINUE to grow and learn in my ability to self care and believe in myself.

  27. Rhonda

    Start exploring the hobbies that I keep meaning to get around to, and maybe a few others too until I find one that I am passionate about.

    Stop wasting my time mindlessly sitting on the couch vegging out. Even though I can be tired at the end of the day moving makes me feel better.

    Continue surrounding myself with people who feel good. Those already in the circle and those I have yet to meet and continue to distance myself from those who drain me

  28. Patricia

    In Devotion to myself I choose to:
    START by totally committing myself to transforming my fears to LOVE by listening closely to my heart whispers.
    STOP listening to the idle chatter of “not being good enough” from myself and others.
    Continue to welcome all the spiritual assignments that come my way that allow me to choose LOVE first.

    1. Christine Arylo Post author

      Whoo hoo Patricia – seeing you receivign all that spirit has to bless you with and what a gift to yourself to remove the idle chatter so you can hear the truth of just how loved and enough you are. xo

  29. Rhonda

    Hi Christine, Thank you so much for challenging us to practice better self love, I am always encouraged by your e-mails and video messages, wishing you lots of love and joy in 2015.

    In devotion to myself, I choose to



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