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Feb 8
im a self love ambassador

Be a Self Love Ambassador! Join us + share the message of self-love! > #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 9
heart and soul desires
Never settle for less than your heart and soul desire. #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 10Be Your Own Best FriendIs Feb 13th on your calendar? It’s Self Love Day!
Join this virtual self love celebration > #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 11
Loving Relationships
As an act of self-love, I invite you to take the promise of “I only have loving, respectful relationships” and get honest about one relationship in which the energy between the two of you is NOT full of respect and love. #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 12
Choose Self Love
Choose to ONLY make choices that respect and honor the sacred soul that you are.

Feb 13Self Love DayHappy Self Love Day! Take the Self Love Test & discover where you’re weak & strong in  >  

Feb 14
Be as compassionate with yourselfChoose self compassion instead of self-criticism and self-judgment of yourself! #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 15kind and lovingPromise to be more kind, gentle, patient, and understanding with yourself! #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 16
Trust Your Soul - Love Your SelfChoose to listen to and follow the guidance of your inner voice,
believing you know what is right for you, even when other people think or say otherwise. #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 17
Go for Your DreamsChoose to take charge of and responsibility for your life by creating the life you really desire, without apology or requiring approval from others. #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 18
When You Know who you realy are it is much easier Be Who You really areEmbrace your truth. Be your truth. Be your Self. #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 19
I treat my body like a templeHow are you treating and respecting your body today? #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 20
Self Acceptance is Loving All Of YouChoose to embrace yourself. Not reject yourself.
Choose to adore yourself. Not judge yourself.
Choose to acknowledge and appreciate yourself. Not shame yourself.

Feb 21
You Were Born to Express Yourself
Choose to let the world see you, fully, truthfully and without apology or holding back. Full, free expression of your heart and soul. #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 22
self care
Choose to make sure that YOU receive what you need every day –
emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually – no matter what! #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 23Stay true to myselfGive yourself permission to say “no”.

Feb 24
Self Pleasure
Choose to consistently create, receive, and experience joy, ensuring that your soul is fully fed and nourished. #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 25
self respectChoose to ONLY make choices that respect and honor the sacred soul that you are. #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 24
My Gifts Matter
Choose to have a strong belief and regard for yourself. Be confident in your ability to do and be anything. #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 26
Self Love Mantra - I am Enough
Choosing to value yourself – your success, worthiness, accomplishments – according to the truth of your heart and soul, instead of the ego or the external world. 

Feb 27
Get your free Self Love Kit and make more self-loving choices all year! #ChooseSelfLove

Feb 28

Self-love is a choice you make (or don’t) in every moment. Strengthen your ability to CHOOSE LOVE for yourself – instead of putting guilt, shame, blame, criticism, stress, pressure and fear on yourself. #ChooseSelfLove




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