Self Love Promise Kit Delivery

Welcome to Your Self-Love Pulse Check & Promise Kit!

Here you’ll find a self-love kit dedicated to supporting you to make more self-loving choices all year – so you can choose Love – you know compassion, care, respect, pleasure –for yourself instead of fear, criticism, guilt, shame and pressure!Follow the steps I’ve laid out for you…

STEPS 1-3: Choose Your Branch of Self-Love & Take and Make Your Self Love Promise …

STEPS 4-5: Get Supported and Inspired to Keep Your Self Love Promise, Share Your Promise and Grow Your Love (including the official Self Love Song and Poem and Poster!!)

Step #1: Take a Self-Love Pulse Check

Where are you strong in self-love, and where are you weak?
Your mission — to determine WHICH branches of Self-Love MOST need your attention this year.

How do you do that? Choose one of 2 ways to determine – self-guided or I’ll guide you!

Using the breakthrough love-ology from the best-selling self-love book
Madly in Love with ME the Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend, let’s see what branches of self-love are strongest and which are weakest for you right now… remember self-love is something you grow and nurture every day, not something you achieve.

Self-Awareness & Honesty * Self-Acceptance * Self-Care * Self-Compassion & Forgiveness *

Self-Esteem * Self-Empowerment * Self-Expression * Self-Trust *

Self-Respect & Self-Honor * Self-Pleasure * Self-Worth

from Madly in Love with Me page 55

ONE: SELF GUIDED – Use the self-love tree and look at each of the branches as if you were looking at a real tree, and notice what branches feel under nourished, unkempt or just plain ignored! And notice which branches are really really strong, full of abundance and life force. Rate each branch on a scale of 1 -10 , with 10 being branches you feel really connected to, like you can make choices in your daily life that feed that branch, no problem. And 1 being, you think this branch might possibly be dead! And 5 being this branch is neglected and if you don’t give it some attention, it will be in big trouble the end of the year. If you don’t know what a branch is, it’s probably a 5! Write the numbers right on the tree itself.

Go here to download a hand-drawn poster of SELF-LOVE-TREE, or you can reference page 55 in the book Madly in Love with ME, the Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend.



TWO. LET ME GUIDE YOU! I taped this Self-Love Tree meditation that will take you through the entire Self-Love Tree to find your branches needing love AND even get you started on finding your self-love promise! I taped this meditation on the international day of self-love on Feb 13th from the Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, super powered self-Love!


CLICK HERE to watch the guided Self Love Tree & Self Love Promise Meditation


Go here to take the Self Love Quiz ONLINE – It’s Free – 

Or download an audio version of the Self Love Promise Meditation here.

Once you know your branches of self-love needing your love, it’s time to make a Self-Love Promise with yourself – or maybe more.

Step #2: Make Your Self-Love Promise

Okay, now it’s time to make a promise or a set of promises to yourself – promises that will give you the WORDS YOU NEED TO HEAR IN THE MOMENT SO YOU CAN CHOOSE LOVE for yourself. Just like a best friend would, you will be able to use this Self Love Promise to say to yourself to give yourself PERMISSION to choose the self-loving act over the self-neglect, self-criticism, self-doubt, etc.

Self Love Promise Chapter Madly in Love with MEFor example:

  • If your branch is Self-Expression, your promise might be: “I will be myself, fully myself no matter what, even if others don’t like it.”
  • If your branch is Self-Pleasure, your promise might be: “No matter how much work there is to do, I make time for fun!”
  • If your branch is Self-Care, your promise could be: “I take care of myself first, without guilt.”
  • If your branch is Self-Trust, your promise could be: ” I will listen to and follow the guidance of my Inner Wisdom even when it’s scary.”
  • If your branch is Self-Respect, your promise could be: “I only have loving, respectful relationships.”
  • If your branch is Self-Acceptance, your promise could be: “I love my <insert body part> exactly as it is right now.”

There is definitely an art to making and taking self-love promises, which I’ve written an entire chapter on in the Madly in Love with ME book. If you have the book, refer to Chapter 14, if you have not gotten your copy yet of Madly In Love with ME, here’s the chapter which you can download and read.


CLICK here to get the HOW TO CREATE SELF LOVE PROMISES from Chapter 14 of Madly in Love with ME


Step #3: Take Your Self-Love Promise

This is not a passive adventure… take your promise, by making the promise visual and verbal (write it down and say it out loud!!)

Make your promise VISUAL & VERBAL

Visual – Download the LovePlate and write your Vows out.

Verbal – Say the vow 3x to yourself – in front of a mirror if you can!

self love vows Self Love Vow Love Plate

Click here to Download the Self love Promise LovePlate Here

Step #4: Share Your Self-Love Promise

Studies show that when you have a friend, a coach, a mentor, a trainer holding a vision for you, helping you stay accountable, you are more likely to follow through!

Share the branch of Self-Love you promise to grow this year + your Self-Love Promise & I will bless it and you with extra self love ju ju 🙂

Interesting Image


Interesting Image
Making and taking a self-love promise with yourself is a daring act of love, one that promises to give you and everything you care about MORE LOVE.
I’d love to witness your commitment to YOURSELF this year.
So now tell me love … What is your:

Interesting Image

I’ll witness and bless your promise, you know going public makes it like 100x more likely you will stay committed!.

Step #5:

And here’s some more self-love support and inspiration –  Self Love Song & Poem !

The  Self Love Song “ENOUGH” – by The Mrs.

The Mrs.The Mrs. are a bold, amazing group of women from Austin who decided that amid tales of teenage heartbreak and gone-wild nights at the club, where’s the music for women like us? They said “We weren’t hearing our lives reflected on the radio, so we decided to sing it ourselves.”

Their song ENOUGH will snap you right out of any Inner Mean Girl or Inner Mean Dude attack to remind you just how big of a difference you make in this world, just by being you. Listen to this whenever you need a love boost.

I'm EnoughListen to The Mrs. ENOUGH song

Watch this video – bring a tissue, it will open your heart

The Self Love Poem “You are SO Much More Than Enough” – by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Shiloh Sophia McCloudShiloh Sophia McCloud is a visionary artist and transformational poet whose words ignite the soul fire inside — freeing your heart to paint the legend of your life, to stand as the queen or king of your own domain and choose the life you want to live, and then have the audacity and boldness to live it. True self empowerment and self expression! Her poem was chosen to remind you of the choice you have to believe that you are enough, right now, and to create your life accordingly.

(excerpt from You Are So Enough, a poem from the book Tea with The Midnight Muse)

You Are So Much More Than Enough

You think you are not enough

and so that means what you do

is never enough. I think the story

“I am not enough” is a lie.

I am wondering

why we, intelligent, lovely, brave

souls that we are,

would go on believing a lie?

So today is a day for miracles

for shedding old stories

and I am wondering

who is ready to shed that one?

Ready. Set. Let’s Go.

And when you are done with that

you can join us in inventing a new story.

One where you choose yourself

right now right where you are

regardless of your circumstances.

One where we choose to tell the truth

about ourselves to ourselves

and to others.


get a copy of the full poem, click here

And Watch Christine Arylo & Shiloh performing this poem – let your Inner Critic hear these words!

SELF LOVE POSTER by Christine Arylo & Shannon Kaiser

To keep your heart filled with Compassion for YOURSELF, keep this poster handy. Read the Love Mantras on it to yourself to generate kindness, patience, understanding and gentleness when you are being hard on yourself or pressuring yourself.



let’s talk about all those people in your life in


Love Ambassadors are people who practice filling themselves up with love in many forms – self-care, self-compassion, self-worth, self-expression, etc – and help share the message and practices of self-love. As a Love Ambassador, there are many different ways to participate.

THROW A SELF-LOVE PARTY! HOLD A SELF LOVE CIRCLE ON the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SELF-LOVE (Feb 13th) OR ANY DAY IN FEBRUARY… Be part of special love campaigns throughout the year… You will love being connected to other love ambassadors who also get the power of love!

To become part of the Self Love Ambassadors inspiring others to choose self love, sign up to be a Self- Love Ambassador now – it’s free.

FINALLY… now that you are part of
this self-love revolution

You’ll receive LOVE from me, Christine via my  love letters

My commitment to you is to include you in my weekly e-love letters that I send to people all over the world, full of inspiration and daring but practical self-love tips and super power love tools you can use in your life right away.

I’ll also let you know how you can open up to connect to even more love – through courses, retreats, events, and whatever else my creative spirit moves me to create in the name of us all loving ourselves, staying connected to love, and teaching our children and the people we love how to do the same, by example.

I’ll also share with you the best of the best ‘love stuff’ that’s out in the world today – books, CDs, workshops, and more – from the amazing people I have the privilege of knowing and working with. Masters in what they do.

You can stay with us for as short or long as you wish – and I hope you stay awhile.

In devotion to love,

You are enough

Christine Arylo

Founder of the International Self Love Movement

To contact me –


A member of TEAM LOVE will receive this email, and forward to me. I read every email I receive. I do my best to respond, but I am not always able to respond to everyone.
Especially when I am traveling. And know, I receive them all. And send you MUCH MUCH LOVE!

And you can also connect with me online at

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