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Resting Is Doing Something, You are Resting!

It’s Christine here writing you from the hills of Pennsylvania from a beautiful spa that I got invited to speak at for the weekend – which of course is super restful and replenishing, and I love it! I love being in a place where it’s the norm to REST. No guilt. No thinking “I should be working” vs having my shoulders rubbed.

Makes it so much easier to calm my inner doing addict! And give myself PERMISSION to rest.

As a recovering achievement junkie, I had to re-learn how to rest. Maybe this is true for you too? I am pretty sure I was born knowing how to rest and I did it well. But my mother and the women around me prided themselves on always being busy. They never sat still. And my father only did it when zoning out to the TV, which I talked about last week – false pressure release that creates more stress later. So I learned to never sit still or only rest in ways that were’nt actually replenishing.

Over the past few years in my achievement junkie recovery, I have asked the question over and over…

Why when we all say that we want more time to rest and replenish, we don’t actually give it to ourselves, except for spa days, sick days, and if it also comes with a guilt sandwich?

I’ve thought ALOT about this.

And I have an answer.

You may not like it.

But I MUST share it.

While you may say you really want rest, you don’t value resting as much as you value doing.

Hmmm… think about that.

Better yet, Watch this Weeks Love Letter where I share with you 3 super power tools for giving yourself the rest you want without the guilt sandwich or the delayed stress hangover!

In honor of Spring Equinox, a time that is all about getting in tune with the natural rhythms of earth that create balance (uh even nature rests!) I’ve been practicing — you will love these!

Then share below which one you are saying YES! to this week – that you will PRACTICE – remember self love is a practice – increasing your branches of self-compassion and self-care!

A woman who masters self compassion and self care is a happier and more successful woman for sure!

And if you want to join us for Self Compassion at the Love Club – go to and get all the details and join us!


10 thoughts on “Resting Is Doing Something, You are Resting!

  1. marie-lies

    I always have time with resting …to me it is a waste of time! But your video made me realize that it isn’t and that I need to include some rest into my life. Even when I’m watching TV or listening to an interview I’m always knitting or embroidering….hmmmm….I’ll make sure to include some rest into my daily live this week even if it is only for 10 minutes. Thank you

  2. Kate

    Christine, thank you SO much for this! Your message really speaks to me because I push myself SO hard, all the time. Always doing, rarely resting without guilt. So, thank you for bringing me to my center and giving tools to help me on my way to some well-deserved rest. -Kate

    1. carylo17 Post author

      Kate – your most welcome – here’s to banding together in sisterhood of the divine resters! as well as doers!


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