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How to Keep Your Power + Be Supported and Loved = Self Empowerment

Self empowerment is not being so powerful that you push out love from others. That you stand so sovereign that your independence keeps you from the support and affection that you need. You can be powerful and sovereign and let people love you, and help you, in fact as a human being, it’s necessary. Self love is standing for yourself + letting love in. Self love doesn’t exclude love from others, it includes it. Self empowered people who love themselves don’t settle for less than their heart desires AND they accept and welcome the support of others to make those dreams come true.

I taped this video for you to find the places in you that you are shielding — so that you can let down the shield and open up to the love and support you need. Life is SO much easier when you dared to be loved!

After you watch this video… tell me here what one daring act you will take THIS WEEK to let more love in…

For me it was forgiving someone at a deep deep level and choosing to accept and love them for who they are, without judgment. Shield down. Love coming in. Feels good. Now your turn, if you dare… write it here…

11 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Power + Be Supported and Loved = Self Empowerment

  1. Lyndal

    Your love and beauty are boundless. You are a true warrior. As a mum who has ‘so much to do’ to keep the family organised and functioning it can be a challenge to soften more often. You’ ve reminded me that’s my only true role here on earth…i’ve decided to fill the first and last few minutes of my childrens’ and hubby’ s day with total open hearted love…this week’s LOVE experiment. Will let you know how it goes

  2. Ariel

    Wow!! Thank you so much Christine! Tears are streaming down my face with so much love and joy. I feel like I can finally let love in and not be afraid. I love the Sun analogy and I will remember that the Divine is always there for me. Thank you for being such a beacon of beautiful light. All my love ~Ariel

  3. Lila!

    I had no trouble whatsoever imagining that I was there with you, because I was…just yesterday! Friday afternoon I went to cracking some barriers with Gabrielle Bernstein & Mastin Kipp (& his girlfriend Jenna), then I was at the reception prior to Dr. Alexander’s talk (along with my 12 yr. old son), then to Dr. Alexander’s Keynote address. Saturday morning was the Children’s Wellness Workshops. My son (who recently has been diagnosed with ADHD) agreed to attend in exchange for xbox time. I believe that his behavioral difficulties (I don’t believe in problems, only opportunities) are caused by the fact that his dad is an alcoholic. I do not think that adding more medication will help things. Actually I think that it harms things. Well he was okay for part of the festival, but by the end of things his nerves got the best of him. He was without his usual coping mechanisms (electronic distractions like youtube & the internet) and I went home early. I gave my tickets away. I have a ticket to see you tomorrow (& Tommy Rosen), but I wasn’t going to go because I do not trust my son. After seeing your video, I have decided to ask my fiancĂ© (He was born & raised in California whereas I was born & raised in Idaho. He is very supportive of my growth, but had to work Friday & Saturday & was unable to attend with me.) to help out. Either he can go with me to the workshops or else he can stay behind and help with my son. I don’t normally ask him for help because it is important that he be the masculine “doing” energy while I be the feminine “receiving” energy. Recently some of the stuff that he has said at couples counseling has upset me. I have felt used, ambushed, and defensive. As a result I am even less likely to initiate an activity. This may be too important to me to not risk the vulnerability and just ask for his nurturing. The pressure is on you now Christine (& Christine Hassler…& Noah). Y’all hafta deliver enough to make it worth it. CAN YOU DIG IT!? haha…much love & I hope to see you tomorrow

    1. carylo17 Post author

      Lila – sending you SO much love and knowing that I hear in your voice your rising stand to make sure YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED!! with heart, Christine

  4. Kate

    Forgot the daring act:).So here it is: Feel (as often as possible) that trust in Universe you were talking about and stop planning,organizing,manipulating,predicting “how” my significan one will come into my life…and “who” is he,…Because all that planning,predicting,etc,..comes from disbelief and fear.

  5. Fran Feighery

    Thank you for today’s message to let in the Light of Universal Love. You described me very well as someone who has constructed boundaries of fear to keep people out and to go it alone. I begin to deconstruct these barriers today.

  6. maryann moon

    Yes, it’s true, when there’s someone, such as one of one’s own children, grown, adult and he takes a very dramatically angry stand, denying any love at all, it hurts like hell and one does put up a shield to protect oneself from further pain. I am now choosing to
    “un-shield” or “de-shield” my heart and see what happens.

    1. carylo17 Post author

      Maryann – yes, that does hurt which is exactly why we build those walls.. and remember YOU CHOOSE WHO gets to come how close. As we deshield we learn to let love protect us and discern how intimate and vulnerable to be with any one person. And while we may choose to be less vulnerable with someone who can’t ofer unconditional respect, we can still love them fully.


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