Why You Are So Hard on Yourself – choosing self compassion over self-criticism

Listen to this special session that gets to the Root of WHY you judge yourself so much and then here on the blog, using the 2 questions below tell me one of your goals you promise to motivate yourself from self-love (like self compassion!) instead of self-induced stress

You are enough

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD, the “Getting to the Root of Why We Are So Hard On Ourselves:


(taped during the March live Love Talk call with The Love Club)


I’ve been working on the Reform Your Inner Girl book I’m writing with Amy Ahlers. So I have been diving DEEP into questions like…




I’ve thought about this alot – and the most basic, take it to the root answer is because, you, me, pretty much anyone who is not living on a desert island somewhere has been infected with the message:


It’s the root of most marketing campaigns. It’s at the root of many reality tv shows. It’s in most of our school systems, corporate systems, government systems, competitive based systems who run on not-enough fuel. Must make more stuff. Must get better grades. Must be the best.

Self Love Drawing Enough GardenSince Spring Equinox is all about planting fields – and while you may not be growing tons of grapes or corn – you are creating the field of your life, that will bear, or not bear, an abundant harvest in the fall, and feed you all summer and winter long.

So I thought this weekend we’d pull out those poisioned roots that grow lack, fear, criticism and the constant pressure to do, be and have it all… and super charge them with self love to be roots that grow more of what makes your heart and soul shine.

So that you can grow the things you want to grow and reap rewards from this year and create feelings of enoughness, compassion, you know LOVE and HAPPINESS instead of lack, fear and stress.

So what are you planting this year in your own personal field, and what LOVE will you feed yourself to grow this in a way that supports and nourishes you instead of stresses you out. And put self compassion and enoughness into your field of dreams!

Use this powerful two step process to plant your seed and find your Best Friend Love Mantra you can use to keep motivating yourself from self love instead of self induced stress:

1. My heart and soul desire to… (tell me what you are planting)
2. I choose to grow this with self-love and remember that if all I do is XX, I have done enough.

Here’s mine..

My heart and soul desire to write a book that will touch women and girls hearts around the world and give them access to tools that empower them to turn off the critical, judgmental sabotaging voices of their Inner Mean Girls and tap into the wise, compassionate and truthful guidance of their Inner Wisdom. I choose to grow this with self-love knowing that if all i do i write from my heart and take great care of myself in the process I have done enough.

Now your turn…

My heart and soul desire to…
I choose to grow this with self-love and remember that if all I do is XXXX I have done enough.

And remember you can still join us for a year of enoughness at the Love Club for the special rate of $10/month when you commit to a full year of love for yourself – the yearly registration special closes March 29th. Go to www.JoinTheLoveClub.com

8 thoughts on “Why You Are So Hard on Yourself – choosing self compassion over self-criticism

  1. Cindy C Blair

    I have talked to girls and guys,, that if you dont respect and love yourself witch you deserve whole heartly,,, than no relationship will be a healthy and happy one!!!

  2. renate DM

    March 23rd 2014:
    My heart and soul desire to reintroduce into my life all the hobbies and activities that give meaning to my days that fill my soul with song and make everyday an adventure in living.
    I choose to grow this with self-love and remember that if all I do is participate in activities, pick up that pencil or paintbrush, go shopping for antiques and other things of beauty that fill my heart with joy I will have more meaning in my life and that in doing so I show myself that I find myself worthy of self care. In the process of becoming proactive in taking care of myself I have done enough.

  3. Aakriti

    I can’t seem to access the recording or the download. I really want to listen to this one. Please keep the LOVEly stuff coming. God bless you!


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