loved filled events… in person & virtually!

We’ve got LOTS OF LOVE planned for 2016 – and you are invited to our self love events, retreats and workshops!


RECORDING FROM MARCH 24TH: Feminine Super Power Full Moon Salon

Join Christine for a soul-invoking, illuminating salon focused on “BURNOUT” and learn how you can start to reveal the internal patterns and external situations that create more sustainable, supportive and spacious rhythms to our lives.

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STARTING APRIL 9TH: From Burnout to Balance, a 40-Day Super Power Practice

Join Christine for 40-Days devoted to creating a more sustainable, less stressful, rhythm for your life. If you feel overwhelmed, depleted, like there’s too much to do and not enough space for you. Be sure to read the invitation.

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Madly in Love with ME has always been about gathering people LIVE in person – to create a TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE that keeps on giving even after you leave the event – not only inspired and enlightened, but activated and empowered to live your greatest life. Since the beginning of this self-love movement in 2007, people in over 41 countries have been touched by a Madly in Love with ME event. In 2013, Christine herself held events in 25 cities, and almost 1000 Love Ambassadors threw Self-Love Parties in their home towns. In 2016, TEAM LOVE is blanketing the world with love again, putting on a series of powerful 40-day Self-Love Practices and Virtual Retreats that you can take part in from anywhere in the world PLUS a series of in-person self-love retreats around the world. Take a look & JOIN US!



This year, if you are in for never settling for less than your heart and soul desire — to having only loving respectful relationships – to taking care of yourself without guilt – to having a stellar self-love worth without over-giving, over-doing and over-achieving … to being creative, expressive, empowered and compassionate…. to being YOUR BEST FRIEND, then we are your self-love playground this year! Madly in Love with ME will offer a series of 40-day self-love practices, virtual retreats and self-love retreats in beautiful places around the world.

One of the most powerful ways we have found to shift self-sabotaging patterns and choices into self-loving, self-empowering actions is through taking on 40-day Self Love Practices. The yogis, brain scientists, and meta-physicians all agree that if you can do anything for 40 days you can identify subconscious habits and transform them into new ways of being and thinking. Christine Arylo, transformational teacher and self-love yogini, has been doing and teaching these practices for over 8 years, and has created practical, powerful and FUN ways for you to take these practices -without having to leave your home or your life to do so.

40-day Practices can be taken on your own anytime during the year.

The 40-Day Self Love Practices include:

    • The INNER Mean Girl 40-day Cleanse - for more self-compassion and self-care and less comparison, judgment, and criticism.



We will be hosting magical, empowering and transformational weekend and week-long events in beautiful places and spaces around the world.


Want to help us share self-love?
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Join Christine Arylo & the International Self Love Movement by becoming a Self-Love Ambassador. Be part of a circle of beings who believe in the power of self-love & are daring enough to share the message of self-love with the world. It’s free… and all about the power of intention, circle and love coming together. We are calling the circle, click here to join us!


Would you like Christine Arylo to come to your city, your college, your company, your organization?

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