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Self Love Signs: How to tell if you love yourself and if you don’t.

Watch the video and learn the 6 signs you have, or don’t have, self-love. Then make a promise to focus on the places you need love the most, from yourself.

After researching and experimenting to find the answer to “How do i love myself? And how do i know if I am doing it or not?” I’ve found there are 6 key signs – “self-love signs” – that will show you the ways in which you are, and the ways that you are not.

As I’ve shared these self love signs with people around the world, what I continued to hear was, “Wow, I didn’t even know that was a result of lacking self-love.”

Yep, most of us don’t even know what the signs are that we need more love from ourselves, so you can’t diagnose or more importantly treat yourself with the medicine you need … until now.

The 6 signs that you are loving yourself … or not.

Are you:

  1. Settling in your life in any way for less than your heart and soul desire? Playing small. Letting fear stop you. Sacrificing your dreams. Procrastinating. Listening to conventional wisdom instead of going for the life your heart and soul are craving. PROMISE YOU NEED: I never settle for less than my heart and soul desire.
  2. In relationships that don’t support you or fully honor you? You have relationships that drain you or degrade you, dishonor you in anyway. Hold on to friends, lovers, clients that arent supporting you to grow or be your best self?  Lacking the kinds of friendships or the number of soul family you have around you?  PROMISE YOU NEED: I only have loving respectful relationships.
  3. Being hard on yourself.  You criticize instead of appreciate yourself. Put pressure on yourself.   PROMISE YOU NEED:  I am gentle, kind and compassionate with myself, always.
  4. Treating your body poorly – Neglecting it. Treating it like a workhorse or slave. Being mean to it. Hating on it. Instead of adoring it. Treating it like a temple. Even with wrinkles and cellulite.  PROMISE YOU NEED:  I treat my body like a sacred temple.
  5. Over giving to others, not taking care of yourself, cuz you are taking care of everyone and everything else?  You know it. Enough said. PROMISE YOU NEED: I take care of myself first, without guilt.
  6. Sacrificing what you really desire, because you are afraid of letting others down?  PROMISE YOU NEED: I stay true to myself even if that means disappointing another.

Mantra Promise to Fall in love

Okay, now it’s your turn to choose one area of self-love and take ONE promise that will help you give yourself the love you most need this year. Write the PROMISE down here as an act of taking it and committing to it. And then share with me one small but mighty act you will take to keep this promise this week.

I’ll go first…  I promise to take care of myself without guilt!  This week I will take Monday morning before noon for myself to really care for ME after teaching this retreat all weekend. (ohhh can’t wait!!!)

Now your turn… post here.

And then remember to join us for a year of love –  —  I’d love to support you to choose love for yourself.


Love Hug

Be More Love. Feel More Loved. Open Your Heart to Receive More Love.

Watch this video to invite more love into your life in 2014 – MORE LOVE for yourself, starting with the love from yourself. Open your heart to receive more love.

Happy Month of Love! I am OVER THE MOON to be writing you today to kick off one of my favorite months of the year – February, the month of LOVE. For me February is a month that naturally brings people’s attention to love, which is a beautiful thing.

However in our mainstream culture, most of that focus is on receiving romantic love from another. And so, if you are single, you feel lonely and like you are missing out on something. If you are in relationship, often we put unrealistic expectations on our mates to shower us with love on one day, and of course get let down. For a month that is supposed to be about love, we shouldn’t be experiencing such suffering or disappointment or pressure.

Add on to that the current definition of self-love is “conceit, vanity and narcissism” and that even though our children and we have more self-esteem than ever, there is still a stigma to giving love to yourself. Okay to give to others, but to yourself, even for those that practice it every day, we can still feel guilty, like we are bragging or selfish.

I believe that we each have the power to change the collective consciousness by changing our own choices and perspectives, and today I am inviting you to join me in thinking of February as a month that we can ACTIVATE and AMPLIFY LOVE for ourselves and the world, and as a result stay connected to love all year long.

So that in those moments where fear, shame, blame, guilt, pressure, stress and criticism show up, you can find your way back to love. And so that by years end you have access to more love, you are wealthier in love – sound good?

Let’s make 2014 a year where you FEEL MORE LOVED, okay?
And as a result help more people all over the world FEEL MORE LOVED to? Love wealth for everyone!

There is a special super powered love meditation I’ll take you through at the end of the video so you can see and feel how it’s easy for you and hard for you to GIVE and RECEIVE love. This will help you open up to be and feel more loved in 2014. So watch the video and then share… how it is easy for you to receive love and how it is hard.

SHARE ON THE SELF LOVE BLOG… “My heart easily opens to receive love with/when… and My heart has a hard time receiving love when…” -I’ll witness and send your heart a prayer to open to more love!

I’ll go first… My heart easily opens to receive love from my four legged friends, my heart is completely open to animals. My heart has a hard time receiving love when I am not being compassionate with myself… because when I am not compassionate with me, I become critical of other people as a way to keep them and love away.


Now your turn….POST ON THE BLOG open up your heart to love by sharing where your heart opens easily and where is shuts down.


Self love party

And remember to join us on Self Love Day to blanket the world in love —
1. The self love party — RSVP for free
2. The self love flash mob – JOIN in by clicking here

self love quote

Start Your Year from Self Love: 4 ?s to Making Heart & Soul Goals, not pressured-filled goals

Watch this video & get the 4 questions to ask your heart and soul so you create a year you LOVE!

It can be hard to hear your heart and soul – it can feel daunting, and you can get stuck in your brain real fast. And you can also short circuit yourself because of fear. Which is why I invented this AWESOME LOVE FILLED GAME for finding your Heart & Soul Goals, and creating a year motivated by LOVE not pressure, fear or lack.

I’ve been playing this game all week — with Noah, at dinner with friends, and last night we had a Dream Party where we all played it and then painted our heart and soul desires on our windows! And now I will share it with you (window painting is optional).

The game is based on 4 core questions that help you get into your heart and soul DESIRES (desire means “from the stars” – in other words you co-create with Spirit instead of from want, lack or fear).

Here are the questions:

1. What do you desire to DO in 2014? (these are actions you desire to take)
2. What do you desire to HAVE in 2014? (these are things you are in relationship to – people, material things)
3. Who do you desire to BE in 2014? (this is about who you CHOOSE to be in the world this year)
4. What do you desire to FEEL in 2014 ? (choose three words that culiminate how you want to feel – your heart and soul work on the feeling level)

self love quote

To bring these to life say them out loud with a friend, or get pieces of paper and free flow write the answers, using the questions as statements —

“In 2014, I desire to DO… ”

“In 2014, I desire to HAVE…”

“In 2014, I desire to BE…”

“In 2014,  I desire to FEEL” — and before you talk or write, put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, take a breath and then just write or say what comes — no thinking it, FEEL it or SEE it… and let it emerge. The best is when you just let the energy rip out of you talking or writing and YOU surprise yourself.



A few important self-love and spiritual pieces of wisdom

1. Use the word DESIRE not words like “like to have” “want to do” – want comes from lack, like from a place of not deserving – that is so not self-love! So when you state these desires, it’s about coming from wholeness and enoughness. You already have access to all of this inside of you and through your connection to spirit. Desire means ‘From the stars’ so using this word invokes the truth that you are A. Aligning with Divine Will and B. Co Creating with the Divine. This isn’t about magical thinking or hopeful manifesting, but getting yourself into alignment with your heart and soul’s wisdom. When you do that, you create your year instead of pressure fill it.

2. January is the DREAMING TIME, February the Seeding Time – so play with these questions all month/moon long. This January holds a full cycle of the moon, which from a divine feminine perspective is really awesome and powerful. because when we create in conjunction with the moon cycle, we create realities that make harmony in our lives instead of stress.

Let’s get the desire pump primed — choose one of the 4 self love questions and STATE HERE ON THE BLOG one desire – “In 2014, I desire to Do… Have… Be… Feel… —

Here’s one of mine… it’s a DO DESIRE…  “In 2014, I desire to take a group of women to Italy for a Divine Feminine Immersion – a week of absolutely activating their Feminine Super Powers to Receive & Achieve instead of overgive and overdo… and then I desire to stay in Italy and the coasts of Greece to travel and have my own personal experience for the rest of the month!”

Now your turn… post it here on the blog.

And remember, the Inner Mean Girl 40-day cleanse starts on January 12th – clear your mind of toxins like Comparison, Guilt and Fear… Go to for the divine details!

receive love

Is Your Heart Free to Love?

Love can only serve you if you let it.
All love needs is PERMISSION to open the door of your heart again.

See all the ways that love comes knocking on your heart’s door today…
and notice when do you close the door and miss out on love?
and when do you open the door and receive more love?

When a stranger smiles
Do you smile back and let the love permeate your heart
Or do you give a fake obligatory smile or pretend you didn’t notice?

When someone approaches you with the offer of a hug
Do you let the embrace fully envelope you
Letting all your body parts touch, chest, belly and arms
Or do you politely offer a few pats on the back, never touching hearts
Or do you go for the A frame hug, letting your upper chest touch but the hug stops there.

When someone offers to help you or pays you a compliment
Does your heart open wide to say THANK YOU! YES! I will receive that
Or do you push back their gift
Saying you can handle it on your own
Or “this old thing, I’ve had it for years!”

When someone offers you a chance to connect during your ‘busy’ day
Do you stop and make time for love
Or do you skip by the moments in life in which love is offered
Putting it on hold for when you have time,
But those times come far and few between?

When you wake up in the morning
Do you look around and notice the magic and splendor of the beauty of this world?
Do you fill your heart with all that you are grateful for
Or do you jump out of bed without noticing much of anything
Except thinking of all the things you have to do or all that you haven’t yet done?

When you find yourself in relationship with an intimate partner, a lover, a mate
Do you let down your walls of protection
And show them the truth of your heart and soul
Even in the times, especially in the times, when you are afraid?
Do you lean in with an open heart to create the intimacy that you desire,
Or do you use love as a weapon, or say you want intimacy but then don’t offer it?
Do you settle for less than the deep emotional connection that only two open hearts can create
And tell yourself that what you have is enough.
When your heart knows that it is not?

Love Hug

What if today, you let your heart speak freely.
What would she or he say?
What one daring act of love would you be willing to take
To risk letting love walk in your heart’s door?
To set your heart free
To do what it does best
To love.
And in return allow you to revel and trust in that love forever.


If your heart was to speak freely, what would it say?
If your heart was to act freely what action would it take?

I’ll go first…

If my heart was to speak freely it would say, “I would LOVE TO PLAY with YOU! Would you like to play with me?” and not be scared the answer would be no.

If my heart was to act more freely today it would tell Noah how much I loved and appreciated him at least hourly. And then when we went to dance class this afternoon, it would help me express my body without holding back.

OKAY…. now it’s your turn…

If your heart was to speak freely…
If your heart was to act freely…

And… remember, you are invited to the Summer of Self Love 40 day adventure! It starts this week – go here to get the full invitation