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How to Trust the Universe Has Your Back… even when doubt, fear and pressure shows up

I wrote this blog and video for you from Gibsons, British Columbia, after a week full of travel across the U.S. and then across borders that has caused my self-trust muscles to have to flex big time… where am I going to stay? How am I going to get there? How will this all work?

And even though I have tons of faith and lots of self-confidence, the truth is, self-doubt shot through my mind on several occasions with thoughts like “Is this really going to work out?”, old habits got activated, you know like trying to control it all, and old thought patterns went into high gear, like “I have to take care of it all or it’s going to fall apart.”

And so of course you know what started to happen, I started to see all the ways in which I wasn’t supported. The ways I had to be responsible for it all. And the stress started to make its way in.

Maybe you can relate?

When doubt surfaces, we see all the ways we aren’t supported, and we feel like it’s all on our shoulders. Which isn’t self-loving. Is totally exhausting. And really sells the Divine short.

Fortunately, you don’t have to succumb to the doubt, or feed the fear. You don’t have to take it all on your own shoulders and create stress. You have another choice…

Trust the Divine to be the orchestra leader, listen to your inner wisdom and do YOUR part (not everyone else’s), and trust that it will all be taken care of.

How do you do that?

Watch this week’s love letter and I’ll share how to trust that the universe has your back… and only do what’s yours to do.

1. SURRENDER… RELINQUISH CONTROL – stop trying to control it all yourself and give it up to God.

2. SLOW DOWN & LISTEN –– don’t run around like a crazy energizer bunny or let your mind go batty, slow down, tune in and let your inner wisdom guide you.

— Take action on what is yours to do and let the universe do the rest.

Noah even got in on the action – you are not going to believe what happened to us yesterday as we decided to transform doubt into Divine service… and as a result, the special gift Noah received from 25 young women (he’s blushing!!)

After you watch the video… share with me where in your life you’ve been taking it on yourself and not trusting the universe and what you are now inspired to shift… so you can trust the universe has your back.

And join me for The Love Club to strengthen your ability to trust…

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How to Tell the Difference Between the Voice of Your Inner Critic and Your Inner Wisdom


How you tell the difference between the divinely inspired voice of your Inner Wisdom and the self sabotaging thoughts of your inner critic?

I see more people delay their happiness and their destiny because they cannot discern between these two forces inside of them. 

But women and men who can tell the difference, have a much deeper self-trust, and therefore make decisions much more aligned with their hearts and soul.

Self-trust is the branch of your self-love tree that makes it possible to go for your dreams and make choices that are true to you, even when they don’t make rational sense or don’t reflect conventional wisdom. 

This weekend, we went deep into how to discern the difference… so today I am sending you some super power self-trust from Kripalu that you can tap into too!

I taped this video for you – where I share the surefire way to tell the difference between the voice of your inner wisdom and that of your Inner Mean Girl or Inner Mean Dude. Plus I take you through a transformational process to help you gain some clarity – and more self-trust!

Watch the video and then state your Self Trust Affirmation here so we can fill it up with super power… writing your truth down makes it way more powerful.

I KNOW THAT>>>> fill in with the truth of your Inner Wisdom.









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Stop Doubting Yourself. Trust Yourself!

3 super power tools to strengthen your self-trust in the face of fear, doubt and other people’s jacked up opinions.

My heart and soul are ON FIRE with a burning message we just have to talk about and do something about right now.

We have been taught to doubt ourselves instead of trust ourselves and it’s costing each of us ALOT.

In the past week I have talked with so many — too many! — powerful, beautiful, brilliant women and men whose inner wisdom is screaming at them to make a choice, that while may feel scary and outside conventional wisdom, is exactly the choice they need to make to be true to their soul and live the life that is right for them.

But instead of trusting themselves, and taking one step at a time towards what they know to be right, they listen to other people’s opinions, societies norms, or their inner mean girls or dudes… and they lose.

They lose their happiness. Their faith. Their peace. Their true success.

You know what I am talking about? Think of your own life — the places you have trusted yourself and acted, and the places you haven’t. Compare the results. What have you lost by making the wrong choices about your body, jobs, relationships, money and more? And what would you have gained had you followed your inner wisdom?

More happiness. More faith. More peace. More true success!

That’s what I am talking about!

More self-trust. More self-love. More living the truth of who you came here to be. Today. Who gives a crap what anyone else has to say about it. As long as you are aligned with your truth, you are aligned with love.

Told you I was fired up! I have my 12 year old goddess daughter Lucie with me this weekend, here to celebrate her birthday by taking her to her first Broadway show. And I know all to well what happens when young girls don’t learn to trust themselves, having been one myself. So I am committed to teaching her self-trust as well as living it myself and I invite you to join me and CHOOSE SELF TRUST for yourself.

Today, right here right now on this blog, I invite you to put it out to the universe so we can transform the SELF DOUBT or FEAR into SELF TRUST

  1. What’s you soul been telling you that you haven’t been trusting?
  2. What is the truth?? State it here.
  3. What is one small but mighty action you are willing to take  to do for love, for yourself, this week?


SUPER POWERED SELF LOVE YES!!! For more of that, make sure to join us at The Love Club to strengthen your Self Trust this month