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Imagine a World of Self Love

Watch this video – and imagine a world in which you – and every woman, man and child you knew, loved themselves.

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Meditation: Make Your Dreams Come True Even If It Makes You Go YIKES! – Self Trust

Take this short but mighty self trust meditation which will show you the small steps that will lead to the quantum leap you desire in your life – and then share with me the small but mighty steps you’ll take to make it come true!

If you can dream it, you can create it.

You just have to be willing to take the small but mighty steps towards those dreams in your heart and soul that scare you… that seem impossible… that stir up doubt… that you have no clue how to actually make come true.

You know the ones that make you go YES! I’d so love that … and YIKES! how? YIKES! (and wow!) what if that really happened?

Today I am living one of my YIKES! dreams – when Noah and I decided to live and work from anywhere in the world we were like WOW! that’d be so cool… and YIKES! how do we do that given Noah had a corporate job, we owned a house with a big mortgage that was also underwater, and we had never done it before. So we did what we always do with big dreams, we started with small but mighty steps — that led to three quantum leaps of Noah leaving his job, us selling our house, us traveling the world and trying to work and live.

YourSoulKnowsTrustThe truth is following your heart to make your dream real requires you to face your fear, go beyond conventional wisdom and follow your own INNER wisdom… your dreams become manifest as a result of small but mighty steps. Taking the small steps builds your faith muscles so you are strong enough to look fear in the face and take the quantum leap when it’s time.

So I have three questions for you today love…

What big dream are you holding back on?

What dream are you ready to call forward, today (the one that makes you go YIKES! and WOW!)

And would you like some support to clear the way to find and take those small but mighty steps?

Good! Now let’s make this even more real by you holding yourself accountable to YOUR HEART. Tell me here on the self-love blog what YIKES! Dream you are ready to flex your faith muscle and make some small but mighty movements.


1. I have a dream to…
2. It makes me go YIKES! because…

(this is where we get to presence the fear or wow factor)

3. The truth is…
4. I say YES! to taking these small but mighty steps…


Here I will go first — it’s a big one and a very personal one for me to share. I have a dream to live in my sanctuary, a beautiful spacious home in California Wine Country that I love AND still be able to live and work all around the world. I desire both (YIKES!) It makes me go YIKES! because I’ve told myself that I could only have one or the other, but the truth is I desire BOTH. The truth is that having this home and being free to travel would allow me to serve people even more. I say YES! to taking the small but mighty step to visualizing myself having both every day during my meditation… and to whenever I get scared to stop, drop and put my hand on my heart, connect to faith, and remember the Divine has my back.”

Okay now your turn… Post your Yikes Dream, truth and steps here.

And if you want more support on busting through the fear, so you can follow your heart – join me and Gabrielle Bernstein for the 40-day Fear Cleanse at


Let Your Body Be Your Compass

When my literary agent Michele first read Mind Over Medicine, she told me that it changed the whole way she thought about her health. She said, “Before reading your book, Lissa, I honestly thought my body was none of my business. Now, having read it, I know, without a doubt, it is.”

Many of my patients feel the same way. A woman struggling with a health condition once confessed to me that she thought of her body like she thinks about her car. She’s not a car expert, so when her automobile breaks down, she takes it to her auto mechanic, who repairs it and hands it back to her – fixed.

She had the same attitude about her body.  When it broke down, she’d hand her body over to a body expert – a doctor – and pray that the doctor would be skilled enough to fix her.

Is Your Body Your Business?

Is that how you think about your body? Do you believe your body is none of your business? As a physician who spent twelve years of training and ten years of practice learning to become a body expert, I used to believe I knew your body better than you do. I now know that, while I may have a better understanding of the arteries in the leg and I may wield a scalpel more expertly than you, nobody knows your very unique body better than you, and nobody is better equipped to prevent or treat illness than your brilliant inner doctor, which I call your “Inner Pilot Light”.

Your Inner Pilot Light is that part of you that knows what’s true for you and can help you align your life with that truth. When you make life choices that are out of alignment with your truth, the body reacts with physical symptoms that, left unchecked, become disease.

Think back to a time when you knew you were out of alignment in your life. Maybe you were out of alignment in a big way – cheating on your spouse or embezzling from your company or abusing your child. Or maybe you were out of alignment in more subtle ways – selling out your integrity in a soul-sucking job or drinking yourself to sleep every night or staying in a relationship with someone you don’t love. If you can remember how your body felt during those times, chances are good that your body didn’t feel so hot. You may have had headaches or gastrointestinal distress or a flare up of a skin condition or allergies. Or you may have just felt fatigued. But I’ll bet your body was signaling to you that you were off course. 

The Body Compass

Our bodies are brilliant that way. They act as compasses, letting us know when we’re headed in the right direction – and when we’re not.

When Martha Beck and I were training doctors in the Whole Health Medicine Institute, Martha led an exercise to help us get in touch with your body compass.

Heading South

Martha asked us to recall a time in our life when things went really wrong, inviting us to close our eyes and go to that very dark place in our minds and then locate the feeling in our bodies. We then named those feelings – “acid stomach,” “constricted throat,” “clenched chest,” and so on.

Try it. What do you feel? Now give it a name. That feeling is your body’s way of saying “You’re headed due South! Head the other way, pronto!”

Heading North

She then invited us to visualize a moment when everything was going brilliantly right and to locate that feeling in our bodies. We named those feelings too – “butterflies in chest,” “wide open throat,” “belly full of light.”

Try that too. What do you feel? That feeling is your body’s way of saying, “Due North! Go that way!” 

Using Your Body To Make Decisions

Trying to make an important decision? Ask your body compass? Now that you know what due South and due North feel like, see if you can register the more subtle variants. Martha suggests using your body as a metric, with due South being -10 and due North being +10. When a new opportunity arises, check in with your body. What reading do you get? Is it a +4? A -2? Or a completely neutral 0? These somatic sensations can help you make the right decision every time.

When The Body Manifests Physical Symptoms

The body compass exercise registers subtle physical sensations that wouldn’t usually get labeled as symptoms or illness. But what about when you get full fledged symptoms, like a headache, reflux, back pain, nausea, or – as I shared in my personal experience – vertigo?

Are you in touch with what your body is trying to tell you? Can you identify the root cause of your physical symptoms, something deeper in your psyche, or something out of alignment with your Inner Pilot Light?

Let Your Body Be Your Guide

Next time you experience physical symptoms, ask your body what it’s trying to communicate. Not sure what your body is saying? In Mind Over Medicine, I include an exercise intended to help you interpret what your body is telling you. (Preorder Mind Over Medicine here!).

Do you have experience listening to your body’s signals? Share your stories here.

Learning to listen,



Lissa Rankin, MD: Creator of the health and wellness communities, author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013), TEDx speaker, and Health Care Evolutionary.

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Self Love Quote

How to Trust the Universe Has Your Back… even when doubt, fear and pressure shows up

I wrote this blog and video for you from Gibsons, British Columbia, after a week full of travel across the U.S. and then across borders that has caused my self-trust muscles to have to flex big time… where am I going to stay? How am I going to get there? How will this all work?

And even though I have tons of faith and lots of self-confidence, the truth is, self-doubt shot through my mind on several occasions with thoughts like “Is this really going to work out?”, old habits got activated, you know like trying to control it all, and old thought patterns went into high gear, like “I have to take care of it all or it’s going to fall apart.”

And so of course you know what started to happen, I started to see all the ways in which I wasn’t supported. The ways I had to be responsible for it all. And the stress started to make its way in.

Maybe you can relate?

When doubt surfaces, we see all the ways we aren’t supported, and we feel like it’s all on our shoulders. Which isn’t self-loving. Is totally exhausting. And really sells the Divine short.

Fortunately, you don’t have to succumb to the doubt, or feed the fear. You don’t have to take it all on your own shoulders and create stress. You have another choice…

Trust the Divine to be the orchestra leader, listen to your inner wisdom and do YOUR part (not everyone else’s), and trust that it will all be taken care of.

How do you do that?

Watch this week’s love letter and I’ll share how to trust that the universe has your back… and only do what’s yours to do.

1. SURRENDER… RELINQUISH CONTROL – stop trying to control it all yourself and give it up to God.

2. SLOW DOWN & LISTEN –– don’t run around like a crazy energizer bunny or let your mind go batty, slow down, tune in and let your inner wisdom guide you.

— Take action on what is yours to do and let the universe do the rest.

Noah even got in on the action – you are not going to believe what happened to us yesterday as we decided to transform doubt into Divine service… and as a result, the special gift Noah received from 25 young women (he’s blushing!!)

After you watch the video… share with me where in your life you’ve been taking it on yourself and not trusting the universe and what you are now inspired to shift… so you can trust the universe has your back.

And join me for The Love Club to strengthen your ability to trust…