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Self-Love Blog: How to Avoid Overwork & Overwhelm When You Are So Busy

Watch this self-love video and use my 2 super power self love tools for keeping sane and healthy (emotionally, physically and spiritually) during times of high stress and workload.

This last week I have been in an intense work period. I am finishing a book proposal for my next book (all about the INNER Mean Girl) and finalizing a really awesome home study program for anyone ready to reform their inner mean girls.

It’s great stuff – and I LOVE the work, and there has been ALOT to do.

It’s been one of those times where many things need to happen at once, with tight deadlines. And because of the amount of to do in a short amount of time, it would be REALLY easy for me to slip into my old bad habit of overwork… leading to overwhelm… leading to OVER IT!

inner mean girlPerhaps like me you have an Achievement Junkie inner mean girl who drives you to exhaustion to reach crazy goals… or a Doing Addict who never lets you rest… or a Good Girl who will is afraid to say No… or a Perfectionist who has to get the A++ so she makes you spend way more effort and time than really necessary.

All of these Inner Mean Girls are BAD NEWS when it comes to your peace of mind, happiness and health during times when there is a lot of work to get done.


What I want to share with you is a truth that i think alot of us pretend isn’t real:

There are times in your life when you are going to have to put alot of energy into your work – whether that be a project, an event, a family member, whatever your work is because that work really matters to you, and because there really is a time period it must be completed in.

The goal is not to try to live into some fantasy of a life where you never have times of intense work — birthing things, creating things and caring for things is intense. AND, this is important, intense periods of work should NOT be the norm and during these high stress times you MUST MUST MUST still create SPACE for yourself or the stress will eat you up

Today on my vlog I shared two of my most powerful self love super power tools – one related to the self love branch of self-pleasure and one that helps you grow your self-care.

The self-care super powered tool is based on the Feminine Super Power of CREATING SPACE — I dare you to put it into practice by claiming ONE day, ONE half day, one ONE night per week that is your SACRED SPACE and fill up emotionally and spiritually, and as a result physically. One trick I use to make this stick for me is I gave it a name, put in on my calendar as a repeating event, and then letting everyone in my life know about it. The other is to take a self-love promise that will help you keep this date with yourself no matter what.

So claim, name and share your sacred space time here — I’ll witness you and you’ll be more likely to keep the date! And/or add the self love promise you will take to make sure not matter how much work there is to do, you get taken care of.

ME: Temple Time… begins Thursday night at 7pm … goes until Friday sunrise. its me and the divine. Computer off. Business closed. My promise “No matter how much work there is to do, I create space for FUN!

Now your turn…

For more on how to reform your Inner Mean Girls, go to

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Why Do You Binge? Feed yourself some self-love soul food so you can stop.

Why do you binge, over indulge on sugar, spending, shopping, working, eating? And how can you transform that self sabotage into self-love?

Watch the video, read the blog, and then take a stand for self-love by posting the 5 things you will feed your soul this week… we binge because our soul is starving, dare to nourish your soul

Soul Food is those small but mighty things that fill you up with joy so you feel happy and fulfilled even when life is full of pressure or stress.

When you fill up with soul food, you don’t crave or over indulge in other things that may fill you up for the moment but make you feel like crap later — you know like over shopping, over eating, over drinking, over everything!

Driving through the neighborhoods I used to live in, the streets I used to shop in, the bars and restaurants I used to convene in, and the spiritual centers I used to attend, have reminded me alot of the times in my life when my soul was starving for nourishment… and how I would sometimes over indulge in something to make up for what my soul was starving for, which of course never worked.

What about when you binge? You know over eat, drink, shop, work? How do you feel after wards (not great, right)… 
Look, you aren’t the only person who has ever over indulged and then beat themselves up for it, or repeated the same pattern. So give yourself a break.
And then try out these two self-love super power practices that will help you not only stop you beating yourself up for over indulging but take you even deeper to hear what your soul is actually starving for.
I taped you this love letter video because I know that if you are overworking, over eating, over drinking, over spending, over shopping, over anything, your soul needs nourishment… not judgment. Your soul needs nourishment just like your body, so if you not consciously feeding it, let’s start now.

Watch the video and then post on the blog the 5 Soul Foods you are going to feed your soul this week.

I’ll witness you, this community will witness you and you will be more likely to nourish your soul with what it needs — saving your pounds, pocketbook and more!

And if you want more support on feeding your soul with JOY this month, join us at The Love Club this month –

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Self Love Blog: How To Stop Being So Crabby… Eat Some Soul Food.

Watch this video and take the self-love pulse check to see what’s making you feel crabby, cranky, controlling, overwhelmed, over it or like you want to tell everyone to buzz off.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you are not a bad or mean person… your soul is just starving and trying to get your attention.

I remember the first day that I realized my soul was starving. Even though I was living my passion, doing great work in the world, meeting a lot of my goals, and making enough money to get by…

I found myself at the tail end of a three-week “busy binge” with little room for pleasure and play, leaving me, in one word, CRABBY.

It had gotten to the point where my assistant would come in and ask me first thing, “Christine, how are you feeling today?” just to gauge how best to navigate the day (and me) and how close she was going to stick by (or not). And I couldn’t blame her. I felt that way about me too. Problem was, I couldn’t get away from myself!

So I held an honesty hearing with myself. My first question was simply “Christine, what is going on with you?” And instantly I realized that I was unhappy, really unhappy, and had been for weeks. My reply was “What? I am one of the happiest people I know. How could this be?” My Inner Wisdom shot back:

“Because your soul is starving.
You have been so busy giving, so busy working,
so consumed with being a joy for others
that you’ve forgotten to experience joy for yourself.”


In that moment it was as if I could feel a hole inside me. I was empty, starving for nourishment — my pleasure center was empty of joy. So empty, in fact, that in that moment I couldn’t even remember what actually brought me joy. And that is when I knew I needed a radical intervention… a self-love intervention.

And I am guessing I am not alone in my experience in getting crabby and cranky because I’m not getting what I need (maybe you can relate?)

Are you so busy doing, giving and trying to keep it all together or achieve your dreams that you are pursuing happiness instead of experiencing it?

I’m getting the sense that a lot of us have work-play equations that get out of balance – where you don’t spend time and energy on activities that deliver only pleasure… instead of profit or productivity. As a result, your joy quotient plummets and your crabbiness increases. And so you joy-binge in unhealthy ways for a quick fix, but your soul never feels full.

Which is why I am dedicating the entire month of October to YOU, ME, all of us making sure we receive what our SOULS need to feel nourished.

Here’s the self love actions for you to take

1. Watch the video and take the self-love pulse check – 5 questions that will tell you if your are joy starved instead of joy-full.

2. Here on the blog, write down 3 joy-generators – things that actually create joy for you (i’ll witness them!)

3. Feed yourself the soul food – your soul needs joy to thrive – what self-love promise will you make to ensure your soul gets fed?

If you’d like some support and fun keeping your promise to feed your soul everyday, join me for the 4-week Soul Food Fiesta at The Love Club where for 4 weeks I’ll help you stay connected and committed to yourself.

If you’d like the full self-pleasure pulse check, get the book Madly in love with ME and go to Chapter 12 –

Is Your Soul Starving For Joy?

Since the day I decided to fall in love with myself and stop trying to live a life that wasn’t mine, I have been one of the happiest people i know – not happy all the time, but happy most of the time, or not very unhappy for very long. But several weeks ago i found myself on the tail end of a several week “I am not feeling so happy” spin. I’d wake up unhappy, be cranky, feel stressed most of the day, eat way too many brownies, work ALOT, stay up too late, pass out and start the whole thing over again.

Finally one day when my assistant Mary walked in for a fresh day of work and her first tentative words were, “How are you feeling today Christine???” I knew something was amiss and I had to fix it. This wonderful being who helps and supports me was having to stick a dipstick into my temperament just to gauge how close she should get  – now that wasn’t any way to live! And if she was feeling that way, how was my partner, friends feeling? Or even more importantly, how was I feeling??? And had I even stopped to take that into consideration before plunging myself into overwhelm and overwork?

I decided to hold an honesty hearing with myself, a deep conversation that included 5 super powerful questions that led me to the startling truth that my SOUL was starving for JOY – all the success, $$, drive and hard work were not feeding my soul, because as it turns out my heart derives joy from play, rest AND doing great work – and the first two were sorely missing!

And that is when I realized, I hadn’t asked myself in a very long time ‘What makes you happy?” I hadn’t considered my joy factor when making decisions. And I wasn’t quite sure I could name 10 things that even made me happy, really happy Can you? And are you living them – making sure YOUR soul gets what it needs?

Just like your lungs need air to live, your  SOUL needs MORE JOY … The question is, are you willing to do WHATEVER it takes to create it for yourself. If you don’t, who will?

I taped in the video in this blog for you – a Mediation on Location taped on the eve of Lunar Beltane, a day that is about expanding into JOY! This video meditation and the self love adventure that follows will take you on the same adventure I took that led me back to joy – as I remembered what really made me happy and promised myself to get it!


Supplies: Piece of paper and color-infused writing utensils – Get ready to claim your bliss!


Step 1: Get the Joy Started. In the middle of the paper write the word JOY. Underneath the word JOY write, “What brings me joy?”


Step 2: Tap into Your Joy. To get your joy motor moving (it may have been sitting quite awhile) close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and take a few deep breaths with yourself. As you take each breath feel yourself going back in time to different points in your life when you can remember experiencing great joy, bliss, and happiness. Almost as if a movie is playing in your head, see yourself in these moments, feel yourself in these moments and remember what joy felt like for you. If you need help accessing your joy center, go to and get the Self Pleasure meditation.












Step 3: Fill Up with Joy.  Taking what you’ve seen about your joy moments, and what your soul already knows about following your bliss, your mission is to fill your entire page – your personal Joy Portrait –with everything that brings you Joy – words, phrases, and symbols. Make this page Joy-FULL. Use the following joy starters to find your bliss…

  • I am happiest when…
  • I feel most alive when…
  • I feel most free when…
  • I can’t help but smile and laugh when I …
  • When I was a little girl I loved to….
  • My soul gets nourished when…
  • I feel most cared for when…
  • I just love…
  • I find great joy in…


Step 4:  Ask Your Soul What it Needs… and make sure it receives it.  Once the page is full, completely full, pause for a ME MOMENT.

  • What do I see?
  • How is my life in alignment with my joy? How is it not?
  • What’s one re-direct I can make now to attune my life to joy and get my soul what it needs to thrive?


As a completion ritual, write the words “I Attune to Joy” on your ME ART and make a self-love promise to attune your life and timing to what brings you joy.

And i’d love to hear 5 JOY-FULL things you found from this self-love adventure – post them here!

And, For more fabulous self-love adventures, go to and get the free Self-Love Kit – full of all kinds of daring acts of love and inspiration guaranteed to bring  more joy and love into your life!