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Imagine a World of Self Love

Watch this video – and imagine a world in which you – and every woman, man and child you knew, loved themselves.

And join us for the Self Love Day Super Power Circle and take a stand to give up negative self talk this year… and choose self-love talk! Take a stand to give yourself the love you need, no matter what.   Go here to RSVP for the livestream or get the recording later.


Give Up Negative Self Talk! … Choose Supportive Self-Love Talk

What if you could give up negative self-talk? Watch this self-love divine spark for your heart

Here’s the straight self-love truth..

Just like giving up any negative toxic habit – like biting your finger nails, smoking, or eating junk food – you can CHOOSE to not be a negative self-talker.

I took the stand to give up the negative chatter 6 years ago, and it changed my entire life. It wasn’t that the self doubt, self criticism, self-induced stress disappeared completely – although it did diminish ALOT! That crazy mind buzz just no longer controlled me, derailed me, drove me to make bad choices for myself.

First, I had to make the choice. I had to get to the point in my life and in my relationship with myself where I had had ENOUGH! Where I was sick and tired of the effects the negative self-talk was having on me. Wasting my energy. Making me feel bad and like I wasn’t doing enough no matter how much I did. Pressuring me to work more, work harder, or making me feel guilty if I took a break. Leading me to sell myself out or disregard my needs in order to make another person happy. It was exhausting. And I just decided it was stupid to do this to myself. So just like I had quit smoking at the age of 30, and quit having toxic relationships at the age of 31, and quit drinking diet pop at the age of 35, I figured, why not quit negative self talk. So I did. And it stuck!

How did I give up negative self-talk?

Well to start, any time I found myself in a negative self talk situation, I would just say outloud I GAVE UP NEGATIVE SELF TALK… I DON’T DO THIS ANYMORE!  And I would say it out loud again and again – as if I was literally talking to myself, and I was! I was telling that inner force who wields that heavy hard hand – I call her the Inner Mean Girl, or Inner Mean Dude for boys – that I was no longer a negative self-talker. Just like I was no longer a smoker, so if someone offered me a cigarette, I could decline because I just didn’t smoke. Or I could choose ice tea at lunch instead of diet pop, because I wasn’t a diet pop drinker.

So today, I am inviting YOU to make that first step by CHOOSING TO GIVE UP NEGATIVE SELF TALK. To quit being a negative self-talker and to choose to be a supportive self-love talker instead!


End Negative Self talk



Which leads us to the second part of the process of giving up negative self-talk – you need self love super power tools.

Like I said, it wasn’t that it just went away completely, so I had to develop new ways to deal with the negative banter when it came up. A simple one is the one I mentioned above… You just simply say outloud as many times as you need “I don’t do this negative self-talk thing any longer!  I am just doing it! I choose supportive self-love talk!”

Then to get the supportive self-love talk moving through your mind, here’s what you do — put your hand on your heart… close your eyes and take a breath… and ask yourself, “What are the words I need to hear right now? If I was being a best friend to myself, what would I say?” And then say those words to you, starting with your first name (you always have to start with your first name) … FIRST NAME, << the words your heart needs to hear so it can then inform your mind to settle down and be supportive and kind to you! >>.

Let’s try it here on the BLOG so you can practice – and I will super power your post with more self-love talk!

Write this
1. EXPOSE THE NEGATIVE SELF TALK – where is fear, doubt, pressure, stress, criticism showing up for you?
2. TAKE THE STAND TO GIVE UP NEGATIVE SELF TALK & CHOOSE SELF LOVE TALK – “I choose to give up negative self talk!” “I choose to embrace supportive self love talk!”



I will go first —

I’ve been having a little negative self talk pressuring me into some of my old achievement junkie patterns, eating up the spaciousness and harmony I need in my life.
Love stream… Christine, you are doing enough! You are doing more than enough. You can have all the spaciousness you need to enjoy your life, walk on the beach, do your yoga, have fun and serve a billion people love. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself. In fact the more love you choose for yourself, the more harmony you will create and the more people you will touch.



Okay, now your turn…. be real about where the negative chatter is showing up … take the promise to give up negative self talk… love stream out the words you need to hear from yourself! Post here on the self-love blog….


And then remember to use your self love super power tool – the SELF LOVE SOAK – every morning by telling yourself the words you need to fill your heart with love, to choose supportive self love talk first thing in the morning before you ever get out of bed!

>>AND JOIN US ON SELF LOVE DAY – FEB 13th – live in Los Angeles or via Livestream in your home! For the Self Love Super Power Circle –

where thousands of people will band together to give up negative self talk!  SIGN UP AT WWW.SELFLOVEDAY.COM<<

Self love day 2015 ug

Save Yourself From Holiday Stress – How to Say No, with Love

There are so many fun and exciting things one could do during the month of December – parties, events, lunches, creative projects, shopping, card sending, and the list goes on… but with so much to do, even if they are things you want to do, all of the sudden all of that spaciousness you wanted for peace, harmony, chilling becomes holiday stress you have to do that fills up your time and pushes your peace right out the window.

Fast forward to January, and because you tried to do too much this holiday, you start the year at a deficit of energy, time and money and you play catch up all year long – YUCK! This is not self loving. And it’s a huge set up for a year with more pressure.

Which is why I made this Divine Spark for your Heart for you (watch the video) I am stopping by with a Holiday Sanity Practice that is simple but mighty, and if you dare to take this act of self-love I promise you that you will create MORE SPACIOUSNESS and MORE SWEETNESS in your holiday and you will alleviate at least some unneeded holiday stress.

Holiday Sanity Practice… SAY NO WITH LOVE… to the extra things you may want to do but that will cost you more than the return.  (and save yourself from unnecessary holiday stress!)

Holiday Stress

For example, you may want to say yes to many of the holiday party or lunch invitations, but deep down you know there are one or two that you could let go of and create more space and less stress. You may want to send cards to everyone you know, but the hours of time that would take, deep down you know you want that time for a project that’s just for you. You may want to see your relatives (or not – lol) but the stress of traveling to multiple places is really more than your heart desires.

And because you have FOMO – fear of missing out — or FOHO — fear of hurting others — you say YES when deep down your Inner Wisdom and your heart know you want to say no.

Usually you are just moving too fast to feel this truth, so it’s only after the fact, after you have done too much, that you suffer and realize that you didn’t really stay true to yourself, and are now in energy deficit. Let’s try something different this holiday — SAYING NO WITH LOVE.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 7.21.20 AM
In the self love video I will lead you through a heart check to slow down and tune into your heart’s truth and:

1. Find at least ONE THING to SAY NO to — even if you want to do it, even if you love these people, you know deep down, doing this will cost more than the return and will create stress on the back end instead of spaciousnesss.

2. Release that ONE THING with LOVE, by promising to STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF even if that means disappointing another.  Say the self love promise – “I promise to stay true to myself even if that means disappointing another” – out loud as your permission slip to say No, with love.

3.  Take ACTION with LOVE – without guilt or criticism, cancel that to do and take whatever action you need to release it and open up space (ex. call and decline the invitation with love, only send cards to 10 people and send an email to the rest, call your relatives and give them love via phone or skype instead of feeling like you have to see them in person.)

Then post your NO with love and your action on the self love blog here and I will send you super power self love to help you stay committed to your promise to yourself!

Here I will go first…

“I say NO to going to the lunch on Monday with three women I love that would take me 2 hours of driving time to and from. I release the desire to go to this event, and will call my friend tell her I can’t come, that it makes me sad we won’t see each other, and not take it personally.

I promise to stay true to myself even if that means disappointing another!”

Okay, now your turn…. post up  1. What you are saying no to with love.  2. What you are releasing and your action to release it  3. The self love promise “I promise to stay true to myself…”  (i’ll be by later with love!)


Self Care for the New Year – Set Yourself Up to Be Happy & Healthy Now (Dont Wait til Jan!)

I have a question for you – what if you could start the new year, come Jan 1st, feeling better about your body, feeling good about your bank account balance and feeling energized and full, ready to welcome in the coming year (true self care)? Would this be way better than feeling stressed about losing weight, paying off debt and getting things in order after a crazy holiday season?

What if you could make choices NOW that ensured a happy and healthy start of 2015 so you didn’t have to make news years resolutions that you don’t keep?

You can avoid all those extra pounds, all that extra stress and all that guilt about spending too much if you just take a few self-love, self-care steps now.

I taped this divine spark for your heart, about 40 days before the new year, before we roll into the holiday season, so you can do just that.

So watch the video and consider taking on the simple but mighty self-love practice I share with you that can make all the difference to how you feel come Jan 1st.

My holiday wish for you is that you can end this year with a SURPLUS of energy, health (physical and financial) and happiness instead of in a defecit in which you feel like you have to make up for all the EXCESS spending, eating, traveling,etc. you did.

And that means over the next 40 days or so til Jan 2nd – I invite you to do two things…

In the moments when you feel the stress or pressure rising, or you feel yourself about to make a choice that doesn’t honor your needs, note you are about to choose EXCESS, and instead ask yourself, ‘What would enough be?” And do that!
This will allow you to still have sweetness and pleasure without tipping over the scales or draining your bank account or energy accounts. For example: Instead of 5 sugar cookies, 1. Instead of 50 greeting cards, 10. Instead of visiting every relative, a few. Instead of 10 boxes of holiday decorations, 2.

Really love, just do enough and LEAVE THE EXCESS BEHIND… you’ll feel so much better. And have more fun!


In the Divine Spark for your Heart video, I taped a short but mighty meditation to help you tune into the 3 things that are most important for YOU. Often the reason you end up in excess, spending too much time and money and over consuming is that you aren’t connected to or clear about what really matters to you. Take this short pause to ask your heart what is and then make a promise to make your choices accordingly for the rest of the year… no matter what. True self care … Keeping the promises of self-love to never settle for less than your heart desires, and to STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF even if that means disappointing another.


I will send special love to you and your self love stand here on the blog – a holiday gift from my heart to yours.

Here, I will go first…
“I choose to set myself up to be happy and healthy as I end 2014 and start 2015.
My heart desires to
1. Have plenty of space to rest.
2. Have plenty of space to create.
3. To spend time with the people that I am closest to.

Okay – now your turn. Post here on the blog your promise to set yourself up to be happy and healthy… and your three heart’s desires for this holiday season.. ending with the promise to choose enough, not excess. I’ll come by with some love later!