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Imagine a World of Self Love

Watch this video – and imagine a world in which you – and every woman, man and child you knew, loved themselves.

And join us for the Self Love Day Super Power Circle and take a stand to give up negative self talk this year… and choose self-love talk! Take a stand to give yourself the love you need, no matter what.   Go here to RSVP for the livestream or get the recording later.


Set Down The Burden Weighing You Down!… Take an act of self-love!

Watch this video to find and set down the burden weighing you down – and share on the blog below how you will set this burden or excess down

While you may not like to admit this, somewhere in your life you are creating stress, pressure and suffering because of the heavy BURDENS you say yes to – in your relationships, work, home, everywhere. They are things that at one point you wanted to do… things you feel like you should do or have to do… things you think you need to have with you… things you can’t let go of… things that add extra weight and take up extra space in your mental, emotional and physical fields.

Until one day, all that extra weight eventually just topples your cart over, and your life and experience goes WHOOSH out of balance. Just like this poor fella below.

Topple Over with Burden

So today love, I want to know what burden is creating stress, suffering and stuckness for you… are you…

Over giving?
Over caring?
Over consuming?
Holding on to stuff you don’t need?
Taking over responsiblity?
Carrying too much, more than you need or more than your share?

Be honest with yourself. It’s not easy to see or admit the places where we over give, stuff, consume, care – because we THINK we need to do it this way — we’ve convinced ourselves that we need this stuff, we have to give this much, we have to take it on — but at what cost? You and I both know that extra weight and burden of any kind is NOT sustainable in the long term for you or any of us. You have to get your scales back into balance where you have ENOUGH not EXCESS… where you are giving enough, not too much… you get the picture.

So today, I invite you to take an act of self-love — to set this burden down — to let go of the extra weight you are carrying – and readjust the scales so they are in balance to what is healthy, good and right for you.

Watch the short but mighty video – where I share how I set my burden down to avoid making stress for me and then I’ll run you through the same process so you can set yours down too – in less than 4 minutes! That’s a good ROI!

Then use these questions to take a self-love stand for yourself, set the extra weight down and readjust your internal scales, so the outside can respond – remembering that all shift happens on the inside first.

1. “I’ve been OVER… ”
2. “It’s costing me…”
3. “Enough would be…”

And as a bonus question, ask WHAT DO I NEED???

Okay me first… I’ve been OVER PACKING, lugging way more stuff with me than I really need. It’s been costing me stress in all kinds of ways. Enough would be just bringing enough with me on my trip, one small roller and one carry on and trusting that I will have what i need… that i have enough, and if I need something I can get it. What i need is a suitcase that makes this easy.

Noah wanted to chime in too…I’ve been OVER FOCUSED on Christine. It’s costing me self actualization and self care. Enough would be portioning out part of the day for Christine and our work and part of the day for me. I need a trip to Thailand by myself!

OKAY NOW YOUR TURN… pause between each question and really let yourself set this down! Big burdens or small – they all take up space. I will be here to send you love and prayers as you take this stand for self love…

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How to Love Yourself when Your Feelings Get Hurt

We all get our feelings hurt – what do you when that happens so that you don’t create more hurt, but instead a great healing for yourself?

Did you ever notice that some of the people that you are closest to can hurt your feelings the most?

And most of those people – if you’ve done a good job of cleaning up your Love Rings and taking a serious stand for self-respect – don’t mean to hurt your feelings.

But when that sensitive heart gets hurt – behind all that tough armor and protective walls – it doesn’t seem to matter whether they meant to hurt you or not.

So you lash out… whimper in silence… go passive aggressive… make up stories in your mind… distance yourself… all kinds of activities that lead you FARTHER FROM LOVE and FARTHER INTO FEAR.

Watch this self-love episode, hear what I do when my feelings get hurt and then try this self-love 3-step practice the next time your feelings get hurt so you can give yourself a super powered love healing!

Making sure you get the love you need is self love. Use these three branches of self-love to heal the hurt and make more love out of the situation.

Step 1: SELF-AWARENESS – See the truth and own your stuff.
Ask yourself, “What is this situation triggering inside of me?” Take the other person out of the equation and really look at what this is telling you about you. Be honest. You have to own your stuff, and take responsibility for your love cracks. Even if you weren’t the one who created them, it’s your job to make sure you know them and heal them. Self-awareness and self-honesty is self-love.

Step 2: SELF-CARE – Take the charge out by giving yourself what you need. Ask yourself, What do I need to feel loved right now? And how can I give this to myself? Then give that to yourself. You have the power to give yourself what you need. And if you take responsibility for healing your love crack, it will be way more easier to tell the other person how their actions affected you without created more hurt, charge and disconnection.

Step 3: SELF EXPRESSION – Express to the person how their actions affected you without blaming them. Say to them “My feelings were really hurt when you said XXXX. I know you didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, and I am OK. And what would be really helpful for me in the future is XXXXX.” Notice that you aren’t saying “YOU HURT MY FEELINGS!” which will just make the other person defensive. You are taking an act of self love by healing your love cracks and also by asking what you need from the other person.

DOUBLE DARE…POST HERE YOUR SELF LOVE SUCCESS STORIES — what has worked for you when your feelings have been hurt, that has led to more love?

Fill Yourself with Love small

ME MOMENT: What Do You Want for the Holidays… for yourself?

It’s so easy during the holidays to get caught up in the craze. So easy to feel like you have to give more than you really have to give and then end up exhausted and overspent in emotionally, and financially come Jan 1. So easy to fall into doing things out of guilt, obligation, habit – instead of out of what brings you the most joy.

But if you do this simple self-love practice – having a bff heart to heart with yourself about whats really most important for you to give and receive this holiday – you can leave the guilt behind and instead BE and GIVE joy, love and peace!

Ask yourself these 3 questions – answer them honestly (no one can see your answers!) and write them down for yourself. Then at the end take the self love promise – and PRESTO! you will have a holiday season that fills you up with love, leaving you more full than when this month began.



1.  Looking back at holiday’s past – what activities or choices have drained me – emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically? ?  List them all. Then for each one label it one of two things: STOP or TRANSFORM. Stop are the things you will no longer do, period. TRANSFORM are the things you will do only if you can change the energy to love. For those you are transforming ask yourself these questions.

  • Why did I choose to do this thing that wasn’t the best for me?
  • Whose needs was I putting before my own? If I was willing to disappoint another not to disappoint myself, what action or choice would I make instead?
  • What unhealthy motivation was underneath my choice? ie. unrealistic expectations, needing approval, guilt, shame, obligation, fear? If I acted only from Love what action would I take

2.  Looking back at holiday’s past – what activities or choices have filled me UP with LOVE, HAPPINESS, PEACE – emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically? List them all. These are things you want to KEEP & GROW!  Ask yourself these questions for each:

  • How did this choice serve me?
  • How did this choice serve those I love?
  • How did this choice create MORE love?



Looking at your lists – the things you are committed to transforming and growing, as well as thinking and feeling into what YOU really want to EXPERIENCE this holiday – GIVE AND RECEIVE – answer these questions

1. What do I want to experience this holiday season – what I want to GIVE and what I want to RECEIVE. Use just a few words – up to four. Write these down – these are your LOVE CHECKS – for every action you take this holiday that feels in question, you ask does this action or choice align with this? if it doesnt you don’t do it or you transform the action until it does.

I choose to GIVE…

I open to RECEIVE…

2. What am I GIVING UP this holiday -no longer doing because it doesnt really serve me? Nor allow me to give whats most important to me?

I LET GO of…


3. What am I CHOOSING TO DO FROM LOVE and JOY? What 3 holiday activities are you saying YES to with JOY and HAPPINESS and LOVE!




ME Moments were created by Christine Arylo, author of Madly in Love with ME, the Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend as a way to ensure you are always being a good friend to yourself – making sure you do what makes you happy and as a result, have the capacity to give more love to the world. To learn more about Madly in Love with ME, go to